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Update on my rescues.

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I just wanted to Up date you on all our foster/rescues.

Hanna (orange and white) our lil Head Trauma Baby that had been thrown out of a moving car, Finally found a home! Th elady not only had to drive a long distance ot meet Hannah and me but also had to drive out a gain later ot come and get her! They were perfect for one another.

Trivette The Black kitten that I had to have his leg amputated also found an awesome home! In fact he is woth in walking distance! It was a home that came out of the blue. That also was just an awesome Family. I knew he needed a more calm home. and His new owners are just awesome! and he even has a playmate that keeps him stimulated and playing. Here is a pic I took about 2 weeks after he went to his home.

Sugar (Big Fat cat) that i thought was Pregnant. Well you would never guess it but all that time fretting wasnt worth it b.c she was already spayed!!! (Made my life oh so much easier!) She right now has two potential homes.

My best friends Uncle past away leaving some pets behind that need homes. They are all awesome spoiled up to date with there vet records. They just need someone to love them. and of coarse I am helping find them homes.

both Nuetered Male cats

And a spayed cocker/lab mix.

I also have a few other dogs for adoption.

Anyways just thought I would say whats up with me.

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Look at those 2 white boys!
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Oh, if I had room for another dog I would snatch up that cocker/lab mix in a heartbeat! She looks like such a sweetie!! The cats are gorgeous too, I just love the white ones. Bless you for taking in these babies and finding good homes for them!
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Great job finding homes for them! And good luck finding homes for your new arrivals.
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That is great yo found homes for them, good luck finding the new ones homes too Oh if I didn't already have as many as I can afford.....them 2 white boys are gorgeous!!!
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I know!!! There is just something breathtaking about solid white cats.

SO far no one has showed any interest but they are safe and loved untill they do find homes.

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I think what you're doing for these animals is great. They all look healthy and happy, hope they'll be able to find furever homes soon
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