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Bella and Cinders

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It's been a while since I last posted pics of the girls here so I figured it was high time I showed off some pics of them all growed up

Cindy sleeping in my study

Cindy in her box

Cindy the Barfly


Bella's gorgeous pout

Bella and her feather toy

Little sisters

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It's a good thing you live in the UK, or you might end up missing a few cats. The girls are gooooorgeous, and don't they just know it? Please post more pics of them.
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What breed are they?? They are both beautiful I'm not sure which breed this is characteristic of, but the shape of their face reminds me of an owl
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I was also wondering what breed? British shorthair? Exotic shorthair? Regardless - they are gorgeous!

Cinder looks like a smoke while her sister is black?
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OMG, OMG! They are so freakin cute! The color of their eyes, and those adorable faces, I would be chasing them around to give them kisses every time they looked at me! Cindy has such a unique coloring! Beautiful!
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They both look so sweet and innocent! Very beautiful kitties!
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Thank you!

Yes, they are British Short Hairs and they are littermates as well

@ AddieBee - you are right. Bella is indeed a BSH Black and Cinders is a BSH Black Smoke

The British Short Hair isn't the most elegant of cats in that they are quite clumsy but I love them because they are so plush and chunky. I love chubby cats!
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I can't see the pictures here at work so I'll have to have a peek when I get home.

Are British Short Hairs available in North America? I think Bijou would like one to play with.
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I have to add that their eye color is an absolute knockout!!
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What a beautiful couple of cats!! I just want to scratch behind their ears and hug them.

And very cool bar stools, by the way.
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Wow they are so beautiful! I just love how round and chubby they are
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