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Formatting (Spacing) help

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On another message board just like this (vBulletin) I'm having problems with spacing. I'm trying to post guitar chords that are supposed to look like this:

but it always ends up looking like this:

D Em D/E Em
Then I knew

Cmaj7 D Em D/E Em
in the crystalline knowledge of you

C D Em D/E
Drove me through the mountains

Em C D Em D/E Em
through the crystal-like and clear water fountain

I even tried spacing it out manually on the forum but it just won't work. Any ideas on what to do?
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Most message boards are set up to remove additional spacing

The only thing I can think of would be using underscore or something to space it
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if you use the code tags the message editor will ignore the spaces, and you can format it the way you want:

a b c d e-> f
a          b         c           d         e->                                         f
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