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Agressive Visitor

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We have a 16 year old siameese cat (Tira) who is very gentle and non agressive in just about any situation. She will run rather than fight if confronted. She's allowed out during daytime if weather is fine.

My daughter has a 4 year old siameese (Uma) who is an indoor cat and she is the only cat in her house. Often she comes to visit on weekends or during my daughters vacations for periods of a week or more. She is very affectionate and demands attention from people.

When Uma is here visiting she becomes the "alpha" cat and tries to be the dominant one by chasing and bullying Tira mercilessely. We have had to resort to confining them to separate floors which becomes rather awkward and hard on Tira who is an old girl now and used to having the run of the house.

These 2 cats lived together at my daughters for 6 months while we were overseas and they never in all that time learned to live together in peace. Tira was routinely chased to a place in the house where Uma chose to let her be, usually on top of a cupboard or under a bed and never in the area where the family was. Presumeably she does not want to share her space or her people with Tira.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about conditioning them to get along or at least to have Uma tolerate Tira while she is visiting. Perhaps too much to hope for though.


Irv and Tira.
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You could try using Comfort Zone to help Uma relax more. Other than that, I would recommend seeing if your vet has a behavior specialist. They would probably be a bit more help than me.
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