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Cammy is on!!

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They are doing this thing where you submit a picture of what makes you happy, so I submitted one of her! Jon texted me this morning and said "Did you submit a picture of Cammy on Cause she's on there!" She's even on the front page!
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wow! I bet Demi could never make it! Then again.... Cammy's real lucky!
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We have a cat-lebrity on the house! And that was a gorgeous picture you sent in!!
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Very cool!
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Awwwwwww, how adorable!!
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You must be a very proud meowmy!! She's absolutely beautiful!
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Aww, that is awesome! Congrats on Cammy's modeling debut.
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You're a star, Cammy. Congrats. You deserve it.
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Congrats!! That's really cool! She is so pretty.
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