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I need some encouragement

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One of my ferral cats looks like she is pregnant. I can't bear the thought of her getting hit on the road. We live in the country, but our road gets a fair amount of traffic. So, I'm going to try to trap her. She is the tamest of the ferrals here. There are four. Two males and one youngster who I am not sure of. I' ve done this before many times, but it has been a while now. I guess I just need some support. It is always sooooo stressful doing this. I plan to crate her for a few days, till she calms down ( I have a large dog training cage). Then probably will move her to an upstairs bedroom where she is free to roam. There are a couple of no kill cat shelters here, so when they are able, I will take them there. I'd keep them, but I have 7 of my own, some former ferrals themselves. Wish me luck!!
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Good luck with the trapping! Sending that it goes smoothly and the mama kitty will be quick to calm down.
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sounds good.

The practice shows it is almost easier to take care of a pregnant momma-semiferal than a non pregnant semipregnant.

Why? Cat mommas are like human mommas. the most important for them is not "freedom" but the welfare of their children.

thus, as soon they recognize the situation is really not threatening - or in any case, less threatening then the life outside - etc, etc...

Well wishes and good vibes on the way!
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Whishing you good luck!!!
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One thing more. You will surely do fostering. It will surely be successfull with the kittens, and quite probable also successfull with the momma - as she is already the tamest of the ferales around, as you write.

It would be best if YOU could find them permanent adoptive homes. THIS will be the real help for them. Try with your relatives, pals, friends, ex-girl friends parents, and so on and so on... Dont forget the priests in churches nearby - remind them of the good shepherd....
Dont send them on to the shelter, even if it is a no-kill shelter, unless it is a dire necessity.
It shouldnt be.
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I caught the momma this afternoon. She just walked into the crate and began to eat. Kept talking to her and slowly closed the door. She didn't flip out, was a little nervous trying to find an out. Tonight she is settled in a new cat bed with warm milk and food and a litter box. She is keeping a wary eye on every move I make, but I see her coming around eventually. I have three kids who all have cats and would take a kitten if they could. My husband is such an understanding guy. When I broke the news to him of what I did while he was at work today, he just smiled and said he had wondered what had taken me so long!!! Anyway, I will take very good care of this young lady, we call her Slick. She is a black and white shorthair. Thanks for all the support. I think I will visit the other forum now on pregnant cats and new born kittens. See you there!!
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Please DO NOT send her and her kittens to an animal shelter. I don't see how she will ever get adopted, and will probably get euthanized or spend the rest of her life there. The best thing to do would be to rehome her kittens yourself, (put an ad in the paper) and either keep the mama, find her a home yourself or release her after the kittens are weaned. The shelters are overcrowded as it is, and the more cats that are dumped off there mean the less chance that a cat will be adopted. Please do not put these poor kitties in that kind of situation. Its better they be wild than live in a shelter their whole life. Keep us posted!
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Farleyv isn't proposing to put them in a shelter.

Farleyv - what wonderful news. You're an angel - and hubby knows it!

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