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Constant Meowing when I am home

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I am so happy for the people who stay home and their cats sleep during the day. Mine do not. I have been up for 2 hours, and Rocky has done nothing but cry and cry and cry. I have fed them, I have cuddled with them, but all they want to do is play. Especially Rocky. It really makes me mad that you guys have cats that only play for 5-15 minutes like most books suggest. NOT ROCKY. I have spent one after noon to see just how long he will play. 4+ hours at a time. I had to stop because I had to go to the bathroom, and he cried cried cried, while I was in there. I am REALLY disgusted and frustrated. I have tried everything, ignore, isolate in a quiet room. Nothing works. I am very frustrated. I work from 8-5 and I can't even eat dinner because he walks around the house crying and crying, and then he'll pull up the carpet. I am so close to bringing him back to the shelter. I have no help, no one around me likes cats, and my husband is going to be gone for 6 more months. I don't know if I can go 6 more months like this.

As I type he's ripping up the carpet. It's like he thinks I'm home so I should be playing with him. I don't even know how I managed to type this. I have a million of things to do today before I leave the house, and Monday is the only day I can do it because it's my non paid day off (we got downgraded to working 4 days a week at my company). Somebody please I just need some support, but would love advice. Oh yes I took him to the Vet and they said it might be nerves. I have Feliway, I have bachs remedy, I have the calm down, I have the collars that have familiar pheromones, nothing has worked for him.
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Is he your only cat? If so, I think he needs a buddy to play with, I bet that would do the trick. He is lonely. Another playful kitty to wear him out would fix it. Good luck
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OR buy him a toy like the Panic Mouse or even better, the Undercover Panic Mouse. Keeps my girls busy all day and all night until the battery runs out. In the main, they are exhausted before the batteries are... :-)
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Nope he's not an only cat. I also adopted his littermate who doesn't cry at all except when I'm putting down the food dish. I bought two because when I had Libby I didn't want to have another cat (unless it was an adult/senior cat) be lonely like she was, she was the same calico type that Rocky was and no amount of playtime was enough.
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I wonder if he cries after you leave the house and there is no humans around.
If he does, maybe there is something physical wrong with him and he is in pain.
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How old is Rocky? Sounds like a kitten to me?
Believe me - when your husband is away, you will want your baby there... Even if it is to distract you with his cries... Poor baby, wants love from him mommy...
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I would recommend trying an interactive toy. My cats have a turbo chaser and they love it, and recently they received a turbo track (I don't know if it's officially out yet-- I won it). You could also try getting a tree for your kitty to climb. My cats go nuts if they can't climb. I have to have 2 trees so they can both climb without fighting over the tree. You could also try Comfort Zone. It might help calm him down.
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I am saving up for the second cat tree. I have feliway that's expensive enough, I have two turbo chasers, I have a machine that has a piece of string that teases them. They play when I am not there, but as soon as I am home they want to play with me. I can't even have an hour to myself. Rocky and Apollo are both 11 months. They only want to play with da bird. Maybe I am not cut out to own cats.

I mean if I could just have 2 hours to myself (enough time to cook dinner) and try to do work I would be happy. They just are not having it. They rip up the carpet, try to knock down heavy things anything to get my attention.
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