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I'm fed up and need help.

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I have a male cat, he has been neutered at a young age, he is (what i call) spraying everywhere. I took him to the vet, he said, the cat has developed his urinary tract muscles to spray pee. He has ruined my new 50 TV, my new computer, the furniture, my clothes, the walls. I bought the feline spray to 'trick' him. That didn't work!!! He goes in and out of the house so his bathroom is outside. If there is another cat in the area he sprays, if he wants out he sprays. I really don't care why he sprays. I have heard all the reasons. i have done everything that has been suggested to me. I am so fed up with smelling like a cat box, my house, my clothes smell like cat pee. If I cant find a good remedy for his actions I am going to have to put him down. I can't see anyone taking him or wanting their house to smell like this. Are there any vet's here?? Is it possible to snip his spraying muscle to weaken it so he cant spray?? Any other suggestions are welcome.
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My only suggestion is to PLEASE DO NOT PUT HIM DOWN. Take him to a no kill shelter. You can't just kill a perfectly healthy cat... Worst case scenario he could be a great barn cat for somebody. And yes, people will adopt a barn cat from shelters.
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I'm with Carolinalima on this one... Don't put a perfectly healthy cat down just because you've found it harder to be a cat owner than you thought it would be!

I'd suggest that you take him to a no kill shelter/adoption centre - perhaps he's too "wild" to be a domesticated pet and no amount of trying will calm him but he will find a place in the world that he calls home, and yes, be it even a barn cat... give him the chance to find his forever home?

My Pip was a terrible sprayer, even a year after his neuter but with the help of some of the members on this site, not only did I find the help I needed to regain my sanity but I also found some good ideas and suggestions all of which I tried with Pippin and they worked! Some of them sounded so bizarre I couldn't believe they actually worked... it took a long time but eventually he's quietened down, and become the most loving and considerate cat I could ever have dreamed of having!
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I never heard of a male that had spraying muscles "develop" - they are always there whether the cat is neutered or not.

Anyway, don't put him down. Some cats are more territorial even if neutered. Sounds like by going in and out, he still thinks as a tom and marks his territory. I would suggest you try and find him a home in the country where he can spend more time outside and be a little safer on a large farm.
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I agree with trying to find a no-kill shelter or an outside barn home for him. As much as I dislike the thought of a kitty living outside full-time, some of them really just aren't suited to indoor life.
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Since you already let him outside (so it must be fairly safe for him in your area), can you just make him an outside-only cat? That's better than relocating an adult cat, IMO. But if not, please try to find him a good farm home. No reason to kill a good cat just because he doesn't conform to indoor expectations.
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PLEASE DO NOT PUT HIM IN A SHELTER! There are so many homeless cats there and most cats with those kind problems are not easily adopted or are put down. If you have a yard, I reccomend making him a strictly outdoor cat. We have strictly outdoor cats that spray and they are very happy and much prefer being outdoors. Its not hard to teach a cat to use the dirt for potty either. Just take some of his old litter and sprinkle on on a patch of dirt. He'll smell his scent and get the idea. If you live in an apartment though, I reccomend putting an ad in the paper and rehoming him yourself as a "barn cat" or to "outdoor home only." That way the new owners won't put him in a shelter if they run across the same problem you have. Its not hard to find a good home that way and we've found good homes for five kittens in 2 days. Please keep us posted!
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There are no-kill shelters around.
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Hi pondfrog and WELCOME to the Forum

you haven't really given us much information to work with, would you mind to answer a few questions?

How old is your cat now and how old was he when you got him? When did he start peeing?

What was suggested to you and what have you done so far to takle this problem?

If you say he sprays when he'd like to go out- have you considerd getting a cat flap installed?

How many litter boxes do you own and where have you placed them? Which typ of litter box do you own?

Do you have any more cats? If so, how do they get on with each other?

What feline spray did you use to trick him?

Does he prefer to spray vertical surfaces? or does he leave puddles? Normal amounts of pee or just a few drops?

Did the vet check your cat for health issues concerning his spraying,- in other words are sure he hasn't got struvit or an urinary trackt infection? You as the owner probably wouldn't notice this as cats are very good at hiding pain.

How do you clean your house from pee- what products are you using for this?

Good luck with solving your problem,

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