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4 new cat members!!

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Greetings to you all, i am the ginger ninja, only 8 months old, and i bring death and destruction (well toe nibbling, sratching and other kittie type things!! )
Other cats are my half sister tango, and my cousins Salem and Ringo who are staying until their dad finds a house that will allow cats to stay .

the ginger ninja



Hope you like them all
Regards the ginger ninja
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Greetings! We are glad you joined us, you and your four kitties. We would prefer to hear from the human part of the equation.

Welcome to the boards!
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Yep, welcome!

we are indeed curiouse to hear about your owner, Ninja! or the human you own, to be precise...

Enjoy the site!!!
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Welcome to the site! What pretty kitties!
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Welcome! Your Torti looks so much like my Pepperpot! The baby kitty is adorable (so are all the others, but I love ginger kitties).
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What a bunch of cuties! Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to TCS Ninja... Enjoy your stay here.
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Cute cats.

WELCOME!! To the site I'm Sam.
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Hi and welcome!

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Welcome! Beautful cats!
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Welcome to the site. Careful as it is quite addicting!
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Hi and welcome to the site. I am a newbie also. I have found this great cat site to be quite helpful and fun too.

You have great pictures of your cats. Hopefully I will be able to include pictures of my babies as well so everyone can take a peek at them too.
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Welcome! I just joined Sunday, and be warned, it is quite addicting. You'll love it here. Your cats are all sooo cute! I love Salem halfway out of his kittie bed playing with the little mouse. Maddie absolutly goes crazy over those things. She likes to store them in her secret place we have yet to find, then a couple months later we'll find one. Needless to say that by that time we have bought her ten more....See ya around the boards!!

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Hi and Welcome to the Boards!
Hope to see you arround! :pinky:

Greetings Simba :flash:
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