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Spazo Kitten is Calming Down

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Poppy is now over 3 months old and this weekend I noticed that he slept alot more than usual. In the mornings he was way spazo, playing and running around. Then all afternoon, evening and night he slept. During the evening he did get up a few times to eat and go to the bathroom but not to play, like he usually does. While he was sleeping, he was snuggling with me most of the time on the couch. Also, last night was the first night I didn't have to kick him out of the bedroom for waking me up and wanting to play. He did wake me up a few times but it was to switch snuggling positions.

Is he calming down already? Is he sick? He's eating and going to the bathroom normally. He goes to the vet this Saturday for more kitten shots. I'll talk to them then but I can't help but worry now. I don't want him to get sick like Monti did, and then leave me.
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I came home for lunch and he's all awake and playing now. Though, when I first opened the door, it looked like he had just woke up.

Maybe he was just sleepy and snuggly this weekend? When kittens have growth spurts, does it make them tired?

Maybe I'm just being a paranoid, worry-wort FurMom! Maybe I need a couple of these !!
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I don't remember an abrupt change in behavior, but my kitties seem to have a pretty regular schedule for playing and sleeping---more sleeping that playing. They're most active early morning, late afternoon, and middle of the night. They greet me at the door when I get home after a night shift, but if I'm gone during the day they barely even open their eyes when I come in. I have to do a search of all their sleeping places to make sure everybody is OK.

If your kitty is still eating, peeing, and pooping normally I wouldn't worry to much. Kittens do calm down eventually. Keep an eye on him. If you notice that he's not waking up at all to play or eat, then get him to a vet right away. Otherwise, your plan to mention it when you take him for his regular appointment should be fine.
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