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Daily Thread Mon March 9th

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Morning peeps

It will be a mild one today..but with some snow. Only 5 cms but sometimes that is enough for mesy roads.

We had an amazing weekend. We saw some movies, and got our wedding bands We also went out for dinner with my mom and her hubby last night, and it was good. But expensive!

I have a problem to deal with at work today so I am dreading going in Ugh.

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Ugh, rainy Monday, at least it's above zero.
Got a busy couple of weeks ahead at work, wish I could stay snuggling with my kitties instead.
Have a good day everyone!
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I ended up taking a friend to the hospital with a migraine last night, so I didn't roll out of bed until quite late (for me) this morning. We have a beautiful day on tap. It was 65 and sunny while I was driving to work with an expected high of ~75. Unfortunately, I'll be in my windowless office all day, so I won't really get to enjoy it much. Off to the gym after work and then home. I have to meet with one of my faculty advisers tomorrow and give him a report on my research to date, so I'll probably spend most of the evening putting together a mini-briefing for that.
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It is -35C with the windchill. I have to take my daughter to get her cast. She had a bad night. I won't be doing much
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Originally Posted by Grogs View Post
Unfortunately, I'll be in my windowless office all day, so I won't really get to enjoy it much.
Same here. It's hard enough being at work at the turn of the season when the weather is nice, even worse when you can't even enjoy the sunlight streaming through the windows!
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Morning All!!

A little chilly and lots of snow here this morning.

Nothing much planned for the day, feeling better then I did yesterday so am going to do some laundry and tidy up a bit.

Need to do the litter boxes and maybe give Sassy a quick bath, he is shedding like crazy.

Other then that just going to putter at the computer.

Everyone have a great day
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Posting late as I got a call from my boss late last night asking if I could go in early to cover for a co-worker who has a terminally ill relative. So I left the house at 6:35 am as I wasn't sure how good he roads would be as we got 6" of heavy wet snow Sunday afternoon!!

So after a crummy night slepp (thanks Bakker) I put in 9 hours at work-thankfully not busy.

So a bit of TV tonite and getting the garbage out as I leave earlier tomorrow to catch a busy to go to the Chicago Flower Show!!
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It was quite a long day today. I didn't sleep at all, because we spent the night at my grandparents house, and my fiance and I slept on the couch bed. So uncomfortable. The wake and funeral service for my great-grandmother were today. It was nice and small, mostly family. Just the way she wanted it. And we all gathered at my grandmothers house for sandwiches and salads afterwards. Drove home in snow, and now all I wanna do is sleep. Hopefully the rest of this week will fly by, because as long as the weather stays nice, we're supposed to be meeting with the wedding photographer on Sunday. Something to look forward to.
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