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Kitty crushes?

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A couple of weeks ago, we found a female kitten, about 9-10 months old (we're trying to find her humans). In the mean time, juggling our lot and her has been complicated by some very odd behavior, particularly on Talin's part.

We're completely prepared for a certain amount of hissiness on their parts, but Talin (who is easily three times her size, and generally friendly toward other cats), has taken to backing up and whining pathetically whenever she tries to play with him (or even approaches him).

However, despite the fact that he acts scared of her, he's also clearly fascinated by her, and "talks" to her in this little whine (which I've never heard him use before).

All of ours are neutered. She may/not be, may be preggers, or may be about to come into heat... no idea at this time.

Anybody got any idea what's up?
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Maybe he's trying to show that he's friendly and wants her to feel welcome.

When we introduced Yuki to our crew, Chester immediately meowed at her and tried to cuddle and clean her. Yuki was a little freaked out at this cat who was 3x bigger then she was who wanted to be her mommy lol.

Just give it some time! They may become really good friends. If he's just observing her and not freaking out on her, I wouldn't take it as negative behaviour. Good luck
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It's weird. It's like he's both welcoming and scared of her, and can't make up his mind.
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Heh, kitties are wierd like that. Give it a few days and it'll be like they have been friends forever lol
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