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Sooo disappointed

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There was an ad on Craigslist, giving away 3 10 month old cats. Neutered/spayed/UTD on shots, the whole nine yards, and they were free. I contacted the person that posted the ad and she said the female was still available and to call her any time. I emailed her back and told her "Great! I'll call you tomorrow!" since it was pretty late and I asked if she could possibly send me a photo of the cat. Well, Wednesday was my husband's birthday so we had plans to go out and celebrate with my parents and siblings today at 1:00, and after church this morning we never made it back home until around 9pm. I forgot to bring her phone number with me, so I emailed her when we got home and explained and apologized for not calling her, but told her that I was still very interested in the cat and would for sure call her tomorrow. She hadn't emailed me that other people were interested or anything.

I get a response to my explanation, and all she says is "Sorry, she is gone."

I'm so disappointed. I was planning on going to get her tomorrow. I guess I just keep looking.
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Keep looking, you'll find the right kitty soon
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I am sorry Kara, but think about the positive side: One more kitty life will be spared because of this event! You will find the right one soon...
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I would take this as a sign that this was not the right kitty for you and that the right one is waiting to be united with you and your family.
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I saw a fantastic cat at Petsmart the other day, staying there through the Humane Society. His name the HS gave him was Taco. He was friendly and had the cutest gravely meow. I wanted to take him home SOO bad, especially since everyone was ignoring him for all the kittens that were there, but the adoption fee for him was $80 + licensing and we can't afford that right now.
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There are millions of homless cats in the world so I'm sure you'll find the right one. Do they have a pets section on Ebay? On Trade Me (NZ site) they have a pet section, but there aren't auctions.
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