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He wont stop talking!!!

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My cat Zephyer is meowing almost constantly at my front door that leads into the main hallway outside of my place. I live in an apartment complex. He has been doing it on and off for the last few weeks and its just driving me NUTS!!!!! I tell him to shut up or ask what he wants and he then proceeds to go from the front door and over to me and he just looks at me. Then MEOWS!!!! ARRGH!

What should I do?????
Im afraid that other residents will hear him and complain.
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How long have you lived at that place? My cat does that to the window when she wants me to open it for her. And if I tell her to shut up because I can't have the window open she still meows, just quieter (hehehehe) but yeah, is it a new place? Has he always been an inside cat?
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How long have you had him? Did you used to live somewhere where he went outdoors?

Maybe he's bored and wants to see the hallway action? I had a cat who would yowl at the door to go see the cat in the apartment next door (my neighbors and I would visit back and forth, with our cats) so I got him his own cat and he stopped. THAT cat I take out in the hallway periodically on a leash to help him with his apartment boredom.
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Maybe he is just a vocal cat? Has his vocalisation changed at all, or has he always been quite mouthy?

I have 2 Orientals and the noise they make is incredible - not cats for those wanting a quiet life! Some just have more to say than others, and if that is the case you have to learn to live with it and love it.
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Is he neutered?
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This is starting to sound like 20 questions lol
Maybe there is another kitty on the same floor and he's curious.
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Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
This is starting to sound like 20 questions lol
Maybe there is another kitty on the same floor and he's curious.
We had a (false) fire alarm last week, and a few neighbors were gathered in the entranceway with their kitties in hand. Our neighbors from across the hall looked at Squeaky and went, ahhhh, that's why our cats have been going crazy. Apparently since we brought her home, their two unneutered boys have been meowing at the door like crazy.
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I would also ask if he's fixed. If not, I would get that done ASAP. It's spring, when a young man cat's fancy turns to LOOOOOOVE! You don't want him getting a female preggers.

If he IS fixed, then I agree ... he is either bored and wants to explore or there is another cat nearby and he is curious.
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Ive been here for 3 years. he WAS found at 7 months outside but he is 9 now and has been an inside cat since he picked me.

I think he DOES want to check out the hallway. he has made several 'escapes' when I walked out. Then he went up and down the hallway sniffing EVERYthing. He gets out every 2 months or so. He HAS been "clipped" BTW. I just hope he doesnt get us kicked out.
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I think he is just curious Trout meows at closed doors too...
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I vote for boredom/curiosity...Bella has developed an extreme desire to examine the back stairwell (and run down to the cellar ). This came out of nowhere, but I do believe it was fueled by the sudden appearance of a cat from the downstairs flat (he escaped and was sniffing around on our landing--she could see him through a french door that faces the hallway). She will stand in front of the doors (front and back)and meow repeatedly. If we let her out she will sniff around the landing forever.

I can distract her with a teaser toy or ping pong ball. Also, since your guy is older, you should keep in mind that, like people, cats have changes in personality as they get older and may develop new "quirks".
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Can I ask what does neutered have to do with constant talking? I want my kitty to be a mommy one day so that is why she won't be neutered.
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If your female is still a kitten she hasn't had a full on heat yet. When she does go into a heat and starts calling you will know what we are talking about. Even as much as I love cats a female in heat can drive me absolutely crazy with their constant calling for a mate. Even a cat with a nice quiet little meow will get very loud when in heat. They also turn into real escape artists, I have even heard of females in heat getting out through screens in windows. She also may start putting down her scent around the inside with urine to try to attract a male and the males who aren't neutered will find their way to your place and start yowling and fighting outside. Females will also go into heat very often they can have as many as three litters a year and if they don't mate they can come back into heat as much as every 2 or 3 weeks. May I ask why you want her to have a litter of kittens?
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They don't really understand what "Shut up" means, so they're most likely just registering the fact that you're actually responding...which will only encourage them to meow more. I just ignore them completely when they meow and now they resort more to nudging or swiping my legs to get my attention. I'm fine with that because the meowing used to drive me up the forkin' wall. Just hang in there and try not to be so responsive. Maybe do yoga or something, lol
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It definitely could be that it's just a vocal cat. What breed is it? I have a Bombay, which are known for "talking". My boy Mijo will just walk around talking to us, no matter how many times we tell him to shut up. Sometimes he does sit at windows meowing, which seems a little like he wants to be let out, or there's something out there he wants - But he's really just chattering away.

I live in apartments too, I think as long as your apartments are large enough (nothing huge, but enough separation) you have nothing to worry about. I don't think a cat's meow (unless he's REALLY letting it out) resonates enough, like a dog barking would from surrounding apartments. We've never gotten any complaints!
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