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When should I worry?

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Our dear kitty Titan has just returned to us after being lost and on his own for 9 months. He was shaved, given rabies shot, treated for fleas and worms and then brought home to a new house. He has been in a room away from the other cats for about 4 days now. He has only eaten a few bites of wet food and about 1/4 cup of dry (if that). He is drinking water. How long can he go like this? He is very skinny and I am worried about him.
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How awesome that you have him back! Did the vet give any instructions as to what to do for him at home? I rescued an emaciated young dog and the vet gave detailed instructions about feeding a certain amount 6 times a day and to call if she did not eat. But, this was for a dog.

Did the vet do any blood tests to make sure he had no health issues besides the obvious? I get concerned with liver and kidney function in a cat that has not eaten for a period of time. A call to the vet sooner rather than later would be best.

There was a product for cats called "Rebound" I believe. It is a meal replacement that is very tasty to cats and was produced for very sick cats that weren't eating. Last I checked the company was not making this anymore. The vet may know of something similar.

Hope he feels better soon.
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He's probably scared to death, eventho he may remember you. I'd get a Feliway diffuser to help reduce the stress he might be feeling and then get some really stinky canned food, warm it up a bit to enhance the aroma and then feed that to him. If he still doesn't eat, try meat only baby food, tuna, or chicken. Then, if he's still not eating, call the vet and ask for a/d (I think that's the right one; it's full of nutrients and extremely likeable to kitties) and/or an appetite stimulant.
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cats can't go a long time without eating. Be careful, if he hasn't eaten for a couple days take him to the vet, his liver will be compromised if he goes much longer. THe vet can help you force feed him and as someone else mentioned give him appetite stimulants.

In the mean time leave him alone in a quiet room (overnight maybe) with cat treats and lots of other smelly foods (tuna, chicken, baby food) and if he is relaxed he might eat at night alone.

Goodluck and keep us updated.
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