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Post-Spray, what should I be looking for?

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I'm sure some of you have noticed I'm a bit of a worry wart when it comes to my cats. This is the first female I've had that was sprayed (that wasn't already fixed) since I was 4 and after reading the list of things to look for, well, I'm alittle worried not everything is as it should be.

The area around the wound is kind of hard..(like a hard lump), it wasn't as hard when she first came home, but its not huge, is this normal? The paper they gave me said to call or bring her in if there was a large lump, but how big would "large" be?

She is also well, acting like a kitten (like she did before we took her in) at first I thought this was great, she must be feeling better, but now I look at her stitches and worry she might have pulled one (the top one) out when she was running around and jumping on shadows. Its alittle red and puffy, though you wouldn't be able to tell unless you really looked at it. Will this go away with time, or should i bring her in?

The last question I have is on painkillers. They gave us a small bottle of brown painkillers and told us to give her two droppers of it a day. Well after the first day she didn't seem to be in any pain, should I still give it to her? I never got anything like that when I got our male cats fixed...Does it not hurt the males as much, or is it just because this is a different place/vet?

Thanks for you help, I hate to bother them if I'm just worrying to much, but I also want her to heal well
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the male neuter is not as invasive as a female spay. that said - my girls were all spayed as kittens [under 6 months] & didn't get any 'extra' painkillers to take after i picked them up. they never seemed to be in any pain at all after they'd recovered from the anesthesia. ran around the following day as if nothing had happened..

i think 'large' would be bigger than, say, a grape. that was the largest the bump got on any of mine.
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Males are easy its the girls it hurts.
My cats got pain killers for 3 days.
What they give her for the pain?
My Sasha has hrd lmps nderneath and s did Meeko.
It shold be ok.
Watch for the redness though?
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I havent had a female in so long Im not sure about the lumps. If you're worried though I'd go ahead and give them a call during office hours tomorrow to ask them if everything sounds normal. With the pain killers, I'd probably give half a dose (1/2 to 1 dropper a day) because while it may not be super painful Im sure it is quite tender for her
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One of my females had a hard lump at the incision site. It was a hematoma, bleeding under the skin. It would be safer to call and let the vet know. Important to watch the size of the lump to make sure it doesn't get bigger. If it keeps getting bigger, call a vet right away.
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Spay, not spray

A lump is normal....it's the internal stitches making the lump. If the lump gets bigger than you think the internal stitches should be, give the vet a call. Won't hurt anything to call anyway. And a little redness is normal, too, but if it starts to get oozy or infected looking, call the vet right away.

I've never given any cat pain killers. I've heard it can make younger cats too active because they can't feel the pain. If she's being so active you're worried about her stitches, stop giving the pain killers and see if that helps. You can always start the pain killers again if she seems to be hurting.

She'll be back to normal in a week .
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