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Jake, one helluva good dog

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Just heard from my cousin in NJ that they had to put down Jake, their 15yr old Golden Lab yesterday.

Jake was a great dog - gentle, protective, well behaved - pretty
much a typical Lab, I suppose. Amazingly, he never went through that
'mouthy' stage as a puppy that most Labs do, he never chewed anything
that he wasn't suppose to.

My cousin adopted Jake when he was nine months old (and already 100 lbs)
from her co-worker that was about to take Jake to the shelter because he
was getting to big for her apartment.

Fortunately for Jake, my cousin has an acre and a half of land, and every
inch soon became Jake-country. Even when it was getting difficult for him to
get around the past few years, Jake would make sure to patrol his territory at
least once a day. Only in the past three months, once the weather turned
cold, did Jake give up his daily routine.

Friday night, my cousin and her husband decided it was time. Jake hadn't
eaten anything for 2 days and not even a piece of turkey would get him to
move from his bed in the den. Saturday morning they found Belle (their other
Lab) laying next to Jake, as if she knew it was time to say good-bye. By
then, Jake barely had the strength to lift hid head.

My cousin said she and her husband and daughter went through a box of
tissues on the drive over to the vet that morning.

I still remember the day they brought Jake home to meet Heidi, their German
Shepherd. I was there to hold Heidi's leash in case of any hostilities, but
Jake was so busy exploring his new home, and Heidi was so happy to have
a new playmate, that it was totally unnecessary. Jake became the Alpha
dog almost immediately, even though Heidi was 5 years older and Jake had
come to live in 'her' house.

Once, someone tried to break into the shed on my cousin's property where
they stored their ATVs. Jake heard the noise in the back yard and practically
flew out the back door. My cousin's flipped on the lights just in time to see
Jake take down whoever had been in the shed. By the time my cousin's
husband could get his shoes on and grab his shotgun, Jake had chased the
burgler into the woods.

They found Jake on a dirt road almost a mile away with blood all over his
muzzle - the burgler's blood. Jake was fine except for being covered with
mud. The police caught the thief the next day when he showed up at the
emergency room with severe dog bites on his hands, arms, face and
buttocks! Turns out he was the older brother of my cousin's son's best friend.

My cousin never had another problem with people on their property after that.

Rest in peace Jake.
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I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Rest in Peace Jake.
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Jake sure sounded like an amazing, courageous dog... Your cousin was really blessed to have shared time on earth with Jake.

RIP, Jake! Run free and explore the acres and acres of space over the Rainbow Bridge where everyone's waiting to be your friend!
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