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A Vibe or Two Please.

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Just a quick request for a vibe or two please.

I am feeling somewhat under the weather today, I was up most of the night with horrible stomach cramps. I had thought they were better when I first got up but no such luck. I have spent the better part of the day laying down with a heating pad on my tummy..

Sassy of course is playing nursemaid as he always does when I am not feeling well. Linus however is pouting because he can't lay on the heating pad.

I am going to try having some soup and crackers here shortly and see how that goes over.
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Awww, Bless your heart, I hope you feel better soon
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sending & that you feel better soon!
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Feel better soon!
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Get well soon.
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Get Well
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How are you today my friend?...
I´m very late for wish you to get well soon but I want to do it...

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