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Oh how Tonks has grown

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I havnt been posting much latley because I've been super busy with school and such, however, today I took some pics of my kitties, and it didnt occur to me until now HOW MUCH Tonks has grown!!!

I took this pic in July 2008 of Tonks and Chestnut about one week after her comming home:

This is the pic I took of them today:

I can't believe it, my little girl is getting SO BIG!
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REALLY!!! And their coats are wonderful too - big difference!!! What do you feed them, if I may ask?
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Aww Thanks! Chestnuts coat is a BIG job to keep up, not only is he long hair, but he has the finest, most cotteny hair I've ever seen on a cat!

But to answer your question, they were on a combo of Merrick and Wellness wet, however, it doesnt agree with Tonks, so now they are on Nutro wet.
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They grow up TOO fast!

OMG - they are both SO beautiful. I've missed Chestnut! But they are SO cute and cuddly - and they are gorgeous together.

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Thanks Laurie!
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Woah, Chestnut is one majestic cat, and Tonks has grown up into quite the beauty. Of course, she was cute as a kitten, too.
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Looks like they have squashed that bed to a pancake! What a difference. They do grow up so quick
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