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Panic Mouse vs. Pipe Cleaners

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Spike's birthday was back in the beginning of April. I tried giving him a CatSpa for his birthday, which he completely ignored. So I ended up giving that to his cousins, and I've been looking for a replacement gift for months. Finally, a friend called and said that PetSmart had the Panic Mouse in stock, which I was thrilled about, since others have said how much their cats like that toy. So I go and buy it, and stop at AC Moore on my way home. (It's an arts & crafts store.) Anyway, I ended up getting some pipe cleaners to play with Spike with. I've read that others' cats love playing with them, so I thought, what the heck?

I take them both home, and Spike likes Panic Mouse for about 2 minutes. He barely cared for it at all the next day when I turned it on. But he did get at it when it was stationary (and supposedly out of his reach) and chewed off all three tails!

And he LOVES the pipe cleaners. I bend them a little and toss them onto his cat tree, and he jumps up, and grabs them, and runs off with them in his mouth. And he's been playing with them everyday since I brought them home.

So my cat chooses the pipe cleaners (approx $3 for 20) over the $30 Panic Mouse. I'd consider returning it if he hadn't chewed off the tails... darn cat.
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I put pipe cleaners in my cat carriers- twist them around the slots and push them in so they dangle up high over the cat's head. When they are at the vet, they reach up and bat at them, it de-stresses them.
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I bought a cat spa for Sam. He ignored it for months, except to lick all of the cat nip that I put in the little reservoir on the top. Then on day, he realized that it was fun, and now lies on it all the time, looks just like the kitty on the box.

But his favourite toy (except for quarters and elastic bands, which I have to take away and hide) is a pipe cleaner. I wind them into spring shapes so they roll across the floor when he bats at them. I think he likes the furry feeling when he bites them. I make sure that the ends are bent over really well so that the sharp metal wire can't scratch him.
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Pipe cleaners are a great idea! I never thought of that!!!(and I have tons of them at home, since I do a lot of crafts)

BTW, what is the Cat Spa? do you have a picture?
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Here you go: Cat Spa


The green parts are different textures - like combs, that my cats like to rub their necks and faces against. And the top has a little receptacle for cat nip, which is a once-a-week treat at our house.
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Thnks Sammie! that looks coll! maybe I will buy one on my trip to the USA in the summer!...
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Oooh.. must try a spring shaped pipe cleaner with Spike... I hadn't thought of that!
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My kitties always seem to like the less expensive toys, but I never learn my lesson and keep buying them things they won't use!
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I think cats are like kids--we buy tons of stuff for our son, but his favority toy is a huge Dell server box I brought home from work for free. I also remember playing with a refridgerator box as a kid.

As for the Cat Spa, my guys probably wouldn't even pay attention to it unless I put catnip in it and then they'd rip it to pieces. I bought them a cat play blanket (different textures, attached mouse, cloth bag, etc. on a blanket) and they ignored the darned thing till I coverd it with catnip.
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Nakita is the hardest cat to keep entertained. She will only play with something for a couple of minutes, then leave the toy in the corner. She hated the cat spa

She doesn't like to play alone for long, unless she is in one of her hyper modes and is flying through the house full speed. In this case, everything is a toy - table legs, rugs, socks...!

The only thing that has maintained Nakita's interest is the toy called The Cat Dancer. Here is the link from Petsmart:

Cat Dancer

It is a wire with cardboard pieces tied to the end. You can attach the wire to a door knob (or anything else) and it bounces around like crazy. It's cheap, and Nakita loves it. Nakita gives it two thumbs up!!

Nakita's other favourite "toy" are the scatter rugs throughout the house. She always has to attack the rugs to make sure all the 'invisable mice' are not hiding under them.

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My cats are fanatics about the cat dancer toy! They 't stop playing even when they are panting! I always hold on to an end - it is a supervised toy!
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