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Wasn't that nice?

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So, I'm babysitting Marbles and Trouble this week for Jamie. And this past Saturday (my first day on duty), I needed to give them more food. So I go into where Jamie keeps their food, and there's a little thing (which I just thought was a notepad at first) with the line "Dear Aunt Jennifer". So I pick it up... and it's a little package wrapped in notebook paper. (Apparently Jamie ran out of wrapping paper. ) Anyway, I open it, and there's the DVD Sweet Home Alabama. She got it for me (she says at the cats' request) since I'm babysitting for her. Wasn't that sweet of her?

Oh, and she's only called twice now to check on the girls. She averages calling once every other day. (She's doing much better than I am though. When I was in Norway last summer, I was gone for 17 days... and talked to my mom and sister all but 2 days to check on Spike. )
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That's cool. I never paid my cat sitters (I always had friends who liked my babies do it for me), but I'd always bring back gifts for them from wherever I went. (And when you're stuck in an office building all day on a business trip that's not so easy to do!)
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What a sweet gift. I normally get my cousins to cat sit for me and I leave them money for takeout and pick them up something from my holidays. They would do it for nothing to get out of their mom's house for a while! LOL
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How very sweet! Make sure to put your "thank you" note somewhere special so she finds it!
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I do pay my kitty sitter. She has four children, three dogs and a husband and I feel it's only right to pay her. I also brought her back a gift. It was one of those signs for your garden. It had a cat on the top and it said "The dog did it!". I thought it was cute and so did she.
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