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I had a stow-away!

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Last friday, I went to go to work but had to feed the barn cats first. I keep their food in a plastic bin in the back seat of my car so I can do it fast before I leave and when I come back. Well, Friday I went through my routine and was on my way. It was a pretty nice day so I had my window down a little bit, and kept hearing rustling from the back seat. I figured it was all the empty cat food bags (yeah, my car is a mess!) being blown around from the wind so I didn't think anything of it.

So, I'm getting to my exit off the interstate and look in my rear view mirror to get into the turning lane....and I see a cute little orange tabby face staring over my shoulder! Yep, one of the barn cats hopped into my car while I was feeding.

I took the exit, pulled into the parking lot, dug my phone out of the bottom of my purse (with kitty's help, of course) and called my supervisor. The conversation started with "You're not going to believe this, but....."

I told her I was in the parking lot and after laughing her butt off she put me on hold and came to the window. There I was, standing beside my car, holding an armful of purring orange mush. Unfortunately, I couldn't take him into work and had to drive all the way back home (45 min drive) and go back. He actually curled up on the passanger seat and slept the whole way home. Luckily, my sup is an animal lover too and put this down as "uncontrolable circumstances" which is normally reserved for snow storms, natural disasters, death.... etc.

So, does anyone what a cute long haired orange tabby that apparently doesn't mind road trips? (ie, to the vet?)
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One morning Mom and I loaded the van and set off for a weekend trip. Our first stop was to the convenience store for their supersized sodas to sip as we drove. We were just about to the store (3.5 miles from home) Mom made a comment and I reached down between the van seats to get something from my bag. Instead of my bag I felt a fuzzy head. I looked down and there was one of our cats enjoying the ride. Luckily for us, we were closer to home than you.

Niece had two cats who were constantly hitching rides and were soon given names of car parts.
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What a cute story! lol I'm glad your supervisor was so understanding!
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How cute!Kitty likes going for ridesIt is great your supervisor was understanding
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Oh, what a naughtysaurus rex!

Thankfully, none of ours do that.

Though, one of the lost kittens we found (and later found their human, luckily) came to us by way of climbing into a friend's car as he was going home for the weekend. All very "I'm stick of this being stuck outside malarky, take me home".
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That is too cute!
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Oh my!!! Tooo funny! I'm glad your supervisor was so nice about it! What a cutie!
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I've had to have mom come get Margo or Fafeena out of my car at work before. They never hop out into sight until you are almost to work!
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