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Just diagnosed with diabetes

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I haven't been posting lately because I've been sick. I haven't been able to eat with gagging or getting sick. I started checking my blood sugar at work and it was in the 170 - 220 mg/dbl range. DH insisted I go to an Urgent Care Center Wednesday and I was started on metformin. Even since I started the medicine my sugar has gone up over 300, but fortunately it was 119 this morning. My supervisor at my secondary job had a lovely response when I called in sick for Friday night: "Oh, no! I am going out of town this weekend! I am leaving at 1:00!" I just admire compassionate nurses like her...
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Hon, I'm sorry about this, but at least you caught it and can control it. As for you supervisor....well, what I would say about her can't be put on a family forum. :evil:. Take care of yourself!
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What is your dosage and when and how often do you take it?

Sorry to hear that, but fortunately diabetes is a very manageable disease. I come from a long line of diabetics in my family.

Cater to your appetite, eat more often than large amounts and never, never try starving to keep your glucose level low. My mom went into diabetic shock while driving a couple years ago, fortunately I was in the car to get her to pull over.

Also, be sure to check your blood level often. One of the most difficult things for me was convincing my mom to check her level often. She still has difficult coping with the fact that she has diabetes and therefore avoids monitoring her glucose levels.
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Sorry to hear that

There are 3 things I took to regulate MY blood sugar. Natureal things that I used in either food or pill form: Turmeric, Fresh ground cinnamon (used coffee grinder to grind it), Co Q-10

After 2 months I regulated my blood sugar AND lost 8 pounds

Good luck!
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Oh thats not good news At least its the controllable kind though.

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Sorry to hear that
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Thank you all for your support and advice. I will definitely take it to heart.
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...and know that it can go away! I was diagnosed in Dec 03 and with a diet change and medication, I was diagnosed as non-diabetic in Spring 07. I still periodically check it though.
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I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 1995 (formerly called, "borderline diabetes"). If you're Type II (which 85 of diabetics are), it's very easy to control with weight-loss, diet, and exercise--which I did. I lost about 80lbs, just putting myself on a healthy, low-sugar, low-fat diet. Actually, I didn't try to lose weight (though I should have); I was just concerned about putting myself on a healthy diet to get the b. sugar down. I always say diabetes was the best thing to happen to me! I wouldn't have lost weight otherwise; I needed to (I was an XL; went down to a SM/extra-small, or about 5-6 dress sizes, so this gives you some idea of my weight problem). Also, the exchanges diet is very fair; in fact, I actually eat MORE tham I did when heavy. I learned to savor my food more, because I had to plan it each day. I also branched out, and started eating things I never tried before.

Just eat a healthy, balanced diet; you may be able to have sugary treats sometimes, too--it's not grim at all!

Take care! I hope you're feeling much better, and don't let the Big D scare you--you can be a very healthy person, despite diabetes.
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