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HELP! Polyps in sinuses or inner ear

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So I am at my wit's end with my girl Sunshine. She is a 11 or 12 year old buff tabby princess. We have been to the vet countless times over the past three years. It all started with a sniffle that wouldn't go away, gave her some antibiotics, went away. Came back, got her back on antibiotics, went away, came back. We played this game for a while until my vet suggested that she should cut away some of her soft pallate as it could harbor bacteria if it's too long.

So we did that, sniffles came back. She sent me down to a specialist in Gaithersburg, MD. They told me it would be approximately $2500 to scope her, get a deep tissue sample, and a panaromic view of her head. That obviously may or may not lead to a diagnosis, which may or may not lead to treatment. That was unfortunately over my budget so back to my regular vet I went, trying to brainstorm about what we could do.

So I noticed she was acting sensitive about her ears, and mentioned this to the vet, they put her under to get a good look and found a petrified piece of something on her ear drum. Flushed her out, put her on antibiotics and after a couple of rough weeks it seemed like her sniffles were under control. We would cycle her on and off zenaquin when her sniffles came back, which would help her.

Recently zenaquin and other antibiotics stopped working. Brought her back to the vet and she had more buildup and fluid in her ears, and in her head xray they saw thickening in her sinuses I believe. They suspect polyps that are too far down for them to reach. They flushed her all out and for a couple of days she was breathing like a normal kitty again. But now, she sounds horrible again. She's eating and drinking and perky, but really stuffy and congested. She's on prednisone eye drops twice a day, gentamicin eye drops once a day, zenaquin once a day and a decongestant that I am not sure works. It's been a week and no improvement.

Help me. I don't know what to do. I want to give my little Sunshine her quality of life but I can't spend thousands of dollars to do it. Does anyone have experience with this? Suggestions? I am so desperate. I love this little girl like crazy and it kills me to see her like this
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Oh boy, I have no idea of what to tell you... just send you many vibes... I hope all turns out well for you and her.
To increase her immune system, add L-Lysine to her diet. Alsom, because she is constantly on antibiotics, I would add some pre/pro-biotics to her diet...
Good luck...
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Hello Instant Karma,

Really sorry that you and kitty are going through this. Check your private message inbox, have a link for you :-)
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