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car accident

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Any tips?

yet another person has hit me...this time a appox 17 year old girl slamed into driver side of the door. her dad is maybe the owner of the insurancs sub-company she has and kinda threatened me
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You aren't hurt are you???Was the police called, who was given a ticket? I have to tell you unfair things happen all the time. I was given a ticket once, but my insurance company refused to pay the person I hit because they said even though the cop said that I was at fault, according to their investigation the other person was equally at fault...I also slammed into someone else's door - I was changing lanes and apparently didn't look in my blind spot..How did it happen? How did the girl threaten you?
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Make sure your insurance knows what's going on. Keep them in the loop, and I would probably keep a detailed record of my transactions with this girl--but that's just me. Glad you weren't hurt too badly, it seems. Hopefully, this girl (or her insurance) will not be able to get out of paying to repair the damage to your car.
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This sort of happened to Dottie. She got hit by a girl who pulled out from a four-way stop and hit Dottie's brand new car (we'd paid one payment, I think). They were calmly exchanging insurance info, etc. Dottie called the police and they showed up, although they said if they just exchanged info everything would be fine. Dottie even let the girl use her phone to call her dad.

Her dad showed up and started yelling at Dottie for running the stop sign (she didn't--she was almost completely across the intersection before the girl pulled out) and generally getting abusive. Dottie walked over to the police and said they should fill out a report after all.

When I called their insurance company to check on getting the car fixed, they said they didn't think they were going to pay, since their insured claimed Dottie had run the sign. I told them that wasn't what happened. They were pretty insistent, until I told them the police had filled out an accident report. They asked me if they could get one. I went to the police department, got the report which said the girl was at fault, and faxed it to the insurance company.

I got a call a few minutes later, and they were very apologetic. I told them they might want to convey to their insured that had he kept his mouth shut, he probably would have gotten off with only paying for his own car.
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warning: kind of a vent! ... but interesting!

A little update. Things have been crazy with my wedding around the corner!

I had the police called on the scene...thank goodness!!! the officer didnt want to do it, but i insisted. My insurance still havent got a hold of the girl that hit me. In the police report (i just found out ) it puts her at 100% blame.

The dad called me at home the day of the accident and questioned why i filled a claim with his insurance (hello?!?!) and said i better check what my deductable was before i did something and how fast was i going - 5 miles an hour- and he claimed that that was speeding so the accident where his daughter crashed needlessly into me was my fault... and so on and forth...yeah. i calmly told him this phone call was highly inappropriate and i was uncomfortable disscusing the case with him and to just leave it to the professionals. i dont think anyone, much less a women (i look very young for my age), has ever stood up to this bully!

the mother also called my work and told my boss it was his fault and made a totally completly false story about how i hit her daughter (with the side of my car no less) and she was delivering product to my work in a pick up truck. no one has ever heard of her. yup, they are crazy.

my car has way over 5,000$ worth of damage and i have to pay the deductable from my insurance, 500$, and the retal car for 3 days, 200$, because they are crazy. sorry to vent. tomorrow my car might be done after two weeks, cross your fingers for me! ive been driving my stepdads fully loaded toyota solara, so dont feel too bad for me, and in the end ill be reimbursed for my expenses...
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