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2 Cats, a guy and a two bedroom apartment.

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Hi! I'm 27 years old, I live in Texas. I own two cats, Tater and Jade.

I got Tater three or four years ago. I adopted him, so I'm not too sure how old he is. He's a tabby and he was hanging around my apartment office and walked right up to me purring and rubbing on my legs when I went to pay rent one day. He didn't have a collar on, so I aksed the leasing office employees if they knew whose cat he was. They told me that he was a stray and that they'd been commanded by their manager to call animal control and have him "arrested". I couldn't resist, I had wanted a dog or cat for some time, but felt guilty about keeping a dog in my small apartment. So, I took Tater into my home.

About a year later, when I was paying rent again, one of the leasing office employees told me that her cat had a litter and she had one kitten left that needed a home. I had every intention of finding a good friend at work who wanted a cat of their own. But she was so much fun and so sweet I kept her long term in order for Tater to have a companion for when I wasn't home. Jade is the most affectionate cat I've ever met. She pretty much refuses to be more than two or three feet away from me. Unfortunately that affection doesn't seem to transfer over to other people, which includes my roomates and friends. This little kitty-neurosis has always bothered me a little bit.

Anyways, every now and then I have a kitty question and a friend reccomended this site. Looks like a nice place to come and ask.

Edit: Added some pictures
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Welcome to the Cat Site, Brian, Tater and Jade! This is a pretty addictive place!
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Hi Bri!

Just wanted to officially welcome you to the site. It really is a great place to find out everything you'd ever want to know about cats. And we do talk about topics other than cats as well. Glad you finally joined!

(Now I can bother you here too! )
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Welcome to the site Brian! Any friend of Jenn's is a friend of ours. OK, so any cat lover is, but I was trying to make you feel special.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Your cats are just gorgeous! I wouldn't worry too much about Jade. My cat Ophelia is like that. She LOVES her Daddy, but isn't all that affectionate with even me - and I'm the one who socialized her as a kitten! Some cats are like that, very one-person cats.
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Welcome! Your cats are gorgeous & I love the pic with the castle.
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Gorgeous cats! And Tater is a big ol' handsome guy!

As for Jade's addiction to you--that's normal. I have a little girl who dislikes all men except for my Dad (whom she loves to death). In my experience female cats tend to be like that more, but it could be I've just had neurotic females! LOL

Welcome to the site!
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Hello Brian,

I love that picture of Tater. He is so cute! Jade is beautiful too. As for Jade, many cats like their owners best of all. My cat Max is very particular about who he will show affection to.
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Hey everyone thanks alot for the warm welcome!

Thats Tater on my roomates computer desk, and Jade's sitting on her new favorite spot, right on top of my computer monitor.
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I'm sure we will love you as much as we love Jenn!!( and thats loads

I think your kitties are gorgeous! and I'm sure you will fit right in

Have Fun!.. Sam
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Awww! I feel so loved. :
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heheh Jean
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Welcome Brian!

Thanks for sharing Tater's and Jade's pix.. they are lovely!!

Tater's name reminds of the Tate Gallery in London. i really liked Tate Gallery.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Originally posted by jgaruba
Awww! I feel so loved. :

hey! quit stealing my attention darnit.. :P
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Oops, sorry!
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