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Howdy all!!

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Hi, y'all......nice to meetcha! I have 3 very diffferent kitties. There is the oldest, Tiger, a male. He's 5 this year. Then I have Bonnie and Clyde, not from the same litter, but when we went to get a kitten from the shelter after my sweet Kitty died last year, I happened to stop by Clyde's pen and he licked me on the nose. LOL.....that was all it took and we brought home two that day.

But Clyde...hmmm, what can I say about him? Um, he thinks Tiger is his mommy and even suckles him. And Clyde is about 6 mos old. Funny thing is that Tiger doesn't mind at all!! LOL

And Bonnie is a scrapper....beautiful grey striped tabby, who likes to bite!! And fortunately ALL are declawed or I would be in tatters!!
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Hi llamallynn and welcome!

Bonnie and Clyde - that's nice !

Did you have them declawed? Poor little things, that must have been so painful. There really is no need to declaw cats you know. I hope our kitty dragons won't flame you for that... This is a touchy subject...

Well, you're still welcome! I hope you'll like it here!
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Glad you joined us!!!!
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I think we all have our own opinions about declawing and I'll respect yours if you respect mine........deal?
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We all care deeply for our cats and that what really matters to me! I know that there are lots of views on lots of cat-related issues. I will try my best to make this forum a home for all cat lovers, whatever their views are.

It's okay to discuss matters and even to argue, as long as we respect each other and keep it civilised, polite and friendly.

This is my view of things and I'll do my best to keep it this way!

This is all to say that you're very welcome!
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I agree! I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and also we are entitled to defend our own opinions.

Glad you joined us!!!!
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