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Tippy-Toes Maneuver

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On rare occasions my cat does this outrageous thing I can't quite figure out. Whilst playing (we peek around corners at each other) she will sometimes charge towards me sideways on her tip toes, tail all a-bush, a wild-ass look in her eyes, an then suddenly tear off in another direction. I've only seen this three or four times but it is about the funniest thing I've seen a cat do.
Reminded me of Fred Flintstone bowling on his toes but without the sound.
Anyone else ever observe this behaviour, or could perhaps offer an explanation?
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I have seen all of my cats do this. But Lili does it all the time to me while playing but also with the other cats. It cracks me up because she is the littlest one, I am guessing she is just playing maybe trying to look intimidating but I dont know for sure.
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lol I know exactly what you're talking about, so freaking hilarious!!
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That's the "bottle-brush humpy-backed kitty dance!" It means, "Let's play! Chase me now!"
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Yup! Play-attack posture! They poof up and run at you side ways like a skittering crab so that they look bigger and more fierce. Or run at each other. I agree! It's hilarious! We have some 12 week old kittens in rescue right now who are MASTERS at this!!!!
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I think it's a throwback from kittenhood when teeny-tiny kittens boof up and walk sideways. It cracks me up!
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