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Azizi Is Home!

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This has got to tbe the most cuddly kitten ever!!!!! He snuggled right up under my chin and purred his little head off. He will be staying in my daughters bedroom until he gets used to the rythm of his new home. His breeder showed me how to bathe and trim nails..he squealed like a baby but did not try to get away

Melange will be coming home in a week or so. She was spayed Thursday and needs time to heal and we felt it best to leave her there where things are familiar. No need to stress her anymore than she needs to be.

I have to get his paperwork in order and get it sent in on Monday I am so excited. I love my naked kitty!!!!!
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Congratulations, but where are the pictures?
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Congratulations, but where are the pictures?

My daughter is busy posing him I will get some pics up later this evening ( I hope)
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Just a quick picture of the sleepy baby boy!!! His birthday is October 7th.

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How cute. What color is he considered?
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
How cute. What color is he considered?
He is a brown tabby point and white with blue eyes. He is considered show quality, so we may have to see how he does

His registered name is going to be "Azizi Sutekh" it translates to
"Precious One Who Dazzles"
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Congrats on your new boy!
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He's cute. I'm still taking a few more pictures of Jack with Charlie. Will get hubby to help me get them set up tomorrow to post. I know you all want to see the boy.

Seems there is a run on new Sphynx owners in here...........we need some more Ocicat new owners .....
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He's so gorgeous. Congratulations!
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I know there has been quite a few of us purchasing Sphynx cats/kittens lately and a lot said about the breed in general...but wow! I really have not seen a kitten this friendly or lovng in my life. I know proper socializing and care from the breeder helps, but I wonder what else contributes to that? The cross breeding done to improve genetic health and the breeds of cat used?

Are the Devon and Cornish rex cats loving and friendly? I know they are often used in crossbreeding programs to improve the Sphynx.

This is my first purebred cat and I am absolutely sold on this breed. Azizi is quite the kitten, should be quite the cat LOL

ETA: This kitten is into everything ..literally. Turns on the coffee maker, climbs curtians and must be near a human constantly.
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The rexes are very people oriented too. But they better NOT be using the Cornish in the outcrossing with Sphynx cats! They used to use the Devons for awhile, but not sure if that's still allowed. The Cornish breeders did not want the bald gene in the Cornish gene pool.
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In the usa sphynx are not cross bred with rexes anymore.
The sphynx were getting a bad gene from the rexes.
They are bred with american shorthair.
Check yor cats pedigree when you get it and see what is in your cat.
Cleo has american shorthair in her
I was told Cleo would come to me when we picked her up and she came out of the carrier purring.
My sister has a Devon Rex coming in soon and we will see how she acts when we go to the airport.
Starting in 2010 no sphynx born after Dec 31 2010 will be allowed to be shown if it is outcrossed in cfa.
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There are no outcrosses in his pedigree recently that I know of. I was just looking over some of the history for the breed. I know next to nothing about Devon and Cornish rex cats...curious thats all Just wondered if they were as friendly and if this breed has those types to thank for that.
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I can find out.
The two women helping me at the cat show are Rex breeders.
Goldenkitty45 can help you.
She knows a lot about rexes.
My mentor knows a lot also.
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My boss has a Devon Rex and he said she's very loving, loyal and friendly towards his family but with strangers she freaks out.

I got the opportunity to meet her in January at the staff work do and I don't know who loved each other more. I don't think she left my arms the whole afternoon.

I've wanted a Devon Rex in forever! They are the most beautiful cats (equal with P's and E's) in my opinion!
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I am lucky enough to have both devon and sphynx breeds at home. They are both loving and affectionate, and either one is a gem to own.

You know you have an addiction to cats when you're in Mexico and checking to see what babies have been born on TCS!!!! My sphynx girls have stolen my dad's heart...he's at home with my kids and 6 cats LOL
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Beautiful little kitten!!! Congrats.
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Zee is sneezy and I am concerned. His breeder said it may be the transition to a new home. No discharge or anything, just sneezes. I am wanting to schedule an appt with the vet, but dont want to jump the this normal with a kitten in a new home?

I can move this to the Helath section, but thought you all might know and get back to me quicker
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Cleo got sick when she first came here also.
The vet told me that happens a lot.
She got antibiotics when it happened.
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I was a member of the Cornish Rex Society (breed club) and there was a discussion regarding Sphynx and C Rex when the Sphynx first came out. I know of a Devon breeder that was using the Devons with Sphynx, but apparently they found it was not working well and so stopped the Devon/Sphynx breedings at some point.

The Cornish breeders would not allow their cats to be used with the Sphynx cause they did not want the bald gene in the lines.
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Anita, my sphynx did that as well, and my vet said that it is common to have that happen when moving to a new home. The breeder of my future male also documents this in his contract. I wouldn't worry much, but I know its hard not to...they are our new babies!!!
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Zee got a clean bill of health. I am paranoid, so he was seen today. Everything looks good.
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Thats great.
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