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Harry's latest photos

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Here's my Harry showing what a bad boy he is! Well, actually, that's just a love bite!
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Great shot!
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He LOVES these cardboard scratchers!
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Here's Harry outing me as a junk food junkie!
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Wow, Harry, you sure are a handsome fella!
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I'm excited that I actually got a shot of my babies playing together! If I only I could get them to cuddle up ... (sigh)
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That was the last one, thanks for looking at my baby's photos!
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What kind of cat is Harry? That's the kind of cat I rescued that Toes took care of. He was a real sweetie (and it looks like your Harry is too) and I've always been wondering what kind of beautiful breed they are?
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Harry is quite the handsome boy! Mine adored those cardboard scritchers too.
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His fur is long and silky, it doesn't and can't mat. That combined with his blue blue eyes, white feet, and pure white undercoat, lead me to believe that he is a birman -- lynx point. But, he was found up a tree as a teeny tiny kitten, so I have no idea! Could just be a siamese mixed with angora or other silky coated cat!
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Well, he's absolutely gorgeous and his tabby markings are not quite typical--there's no real M over his eyes! So cool!
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A good example of the M are my 2 kids. Just look at that M right above both of their eyes. Sheesh, should've noticed that a long time ago!
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Cool! I didn't know about the 'M' thing! Your cats show that very well -- so cute! I learn something new here every day ... and thanks for the compliments on Harry! I think he is so gorgeous, and I think he knows he is too!
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What great pictures of Harry! He's so handsome!
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Your kitties are beautiful!!! i did not know you have a white kitty as well? i feel they require the most work.... can't hide any dirt or specks... teehee!!!!

Thanks for sharing the pix, Angela.. they are lovely!

for your furbabies!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Pretty kitties!
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what a pretty cat!!!
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Arrrrrhh don't get me wrong and I'm not trying to be a know all BUT Tabby cats can either have an M or a V and seeing as Harry is a bi-color he's excused for not having a V..

I think he's gorgeous , Sam.. xx

BTW, Shirley I should show you some pictures of my darling white kitten, her name is Sassy-Blonde, she's a persian
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What a beautiful cat!
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