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Toshiba Satellite?

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Anyone have one of these -- -- Toshiba Satellites.

Does anyone here have one?
Do they run well?
Last long?

Happy with the product?

I'm still unsure about it or not though. It will be my first laptop so I really don't know. :S
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My stepdad has one and loves it, he's had it 3(?) years now and has had no trouble.
If you get one that has fingerprint security I have one word of caution, write down which finger you use

My stepdad forgot which finger he used so he turned off that feature
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I think I had one of those. It was a Toshiba and Im pretty sure it was a satellite. It was defective out of the box so I returned it and bought my second Dell instead. I've been fairly pleased with Dell, my last one was only retired (after 5-6 years) because I had a virus that I couldnt get rid of.
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I got a Toshiba Satellite back in 2001 I believe. It lasted me all 4 years of college and then some. It just became too slow, and I bought my new laptop late last year. I loved my Toshiba and it was great laptop. Never had any problems with it.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A305, and so far so good...
The only complaint I have is that it gets really hot! Oh, and I would rather have XP instead of Vista...
The display is awesome, along with harman/kardon speakers and a decent web camera. The 3gb ram helps quite a bit.
I would not use this for heavy traveling. I would chose a Dell, instead... But if you are not going to be on the road all the time, and media is one of the requirements, this is a nice one.
The customer service/warranty people are really great too
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My boyfriend has a Toshiba Satellite. It runs fine, but he has had issues with the A/C jack and adapter. He bought the display model though. He hasn't had any other problems with it though.

That said, I wouldn't buy anything big like that from The Source. But that's probably just a personal preference...
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Originally Posted by zoeysmom View Post
That said, I wouldn't buy anything big like that from The Source. But that's probably just a personal preference...
I was going to say that. Especially since they just got bought out by Bell and the stores are going to change. They may not even sell laptops much longer so that wouldn't be good if something happened and you needed to get it repaired or replaced.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215 supplied by my employer. The little computer itself is excellent, though I'm a bit disappointed with Windows Vista. From time to time it acts as though it bogs itself down.

But the hardware is just fine.
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