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What Things Annoy Your Cats?

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Cats can be finicky creatures. What kinds of silly/odd things annoys your kitty?

My Minka becomes extremely agitated when anyone sneezes. She does that chatting teeth meow with her ears back and then runs off.
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easy - clipping their nails!
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
easy - clipping their nails!

Plus, I live alone and am a pretty quiet person, so they don't like any excessive noise.

And, of course, if I get up when they are on my lap, they are really miffed.
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Oh my, I can think of bunches of stuff:

-I have a huge wonderful guard dog that stays inside at night. Maggie adores her but when the barking starts, Maggie's ears shoot back, she jumps, and follows the dog all over the house to see what's up.
-My singing REALLY annoys her lol
-The only 'table scraps' she likes is chicken. But she gets indignant if I don't let her see everything I eat.
-We have steps leading to a basement. They are HERS and once you reach the bottom, you get slapped for using them.
-She's funny, if I whistle she'll come running, but if I didn't want anything she'll pout. I'll get the ears back and cold stare treatment lol I don't whistle often.
-Babies crying on TV really upsets her and she'll be all over the television.
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Mony gets mad if I am talking near her while she is napping. Especially if I'm on the phone...I don't think she knows I'm talking to someone else. She's like, "Mom, zip it, I'm sleeping here."
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Me not petted him when he wants it. Unfortunately that's usually while I'm sleeping so me in my not awake state goes "blehhuhmmokay" petpet "zzzzzz" and he gets all in a snit.

Me chasing him annoys him but the second I sit down he wants to be chased again...
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My son. LOL She can't stand him. It doesn't help that he pesters her constantly, no matter how many times we tell him not to or threaten his life. Now, even if he just comes near her she starts to growl. lol Poor thing. It's his own fault, though.

She hates it when you touch her tail. Her tail is super soft, so I'm always running my hands down it, and she WHIPS it out of my hand in a very dramatic fashion. lol
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When Chynna poo goes missing!

Nothing much annoys Abby other than Chynna Chynna is very much the alpha kitty and she will often just go and torment Abby just for the heck of it.
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lets see...

Being picked up when coming in- I love picking up my cat and smelling the fresh air in their coats and cold little paws in winter.... but first things first- my cat would rather check out the food bowl first

A big fat smootch inbetween their ears. Gentle little smooches are OK, though.


@ lil maggie,

all my cats adore singing or whistling and come straight away for a cuddle if they hear it.
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^ If you heard my singing, you'd know why my kitty gets so annoyed!
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Daisy tries to attack if I sing. It is awful, but who does she think she is, Simon Cowell?
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Freya hates when people come to the front door.
She knows that family and friends come through the back door so anyone at the front is unwelcome in her mind. It's hilarious to see the look on marketer's faces when this little tabby sits there growling at them...luckily the pizza girl thinks she's adorable.

Cotton gets annoyed with the alarm clock. I kid you not he smacks it with his paw until someone shuts it off...I really don't have morning kitties.
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Riley hates to be touched and definitely hates to be picked up. Affection is rare and on his terms only

Xander gets annoyed if you won't let him under the blankets at night!
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Both of my boys hate the blinds being closed. They'll try to poke their heads through and look pointedly back at me and meow until I raise them. Also, they each have their own food dish and refuse to eat from each others. If Harvey's is empty he'll meow and meow until I fill it, even if Luke's is full! And vice versa. And Harvey gets very upset if you cross your legs when on the couch b/c then he can't jump into your lap!
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-Clipping their nails
-Loud noises (especially when I'm writting songs on the acoustic I keep at my gf's place or there's a party and people are talking loudly in the hallway)
-combing or cutting matts out of their fur (ticked off Girlie last night)
-Closed doors, especially the bathroom door
-Not feeding them whenever they want, or quickly enough when it's time (the boys are on a diet)
-Pulling out poo that gets stuck in their bum-fur (Had to get a big chunk off of Girlie's butt this morning. She's still unhappy with me )
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