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Saturday!! So What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Mild and very foggy here this morning. It is suppose to rain later today but so far nothing yet. The snow is starting to go down thank goodness but it's going to take awhile since we have tons of it.

Heading out to run a couple errands shortly, was looking at some flyer's this morning and there are a few items on-sale at the grocery store that I want to pick up.

Also have to stop by the pet store for a couple of thing.

After that just heading home I am making beef stew for dinner so I want to get that started around 2.

Just going to have movie night tonight, not sure what I am going to watch yet but am sure I will fine something interesting at the video store.

The kitties are good, all lounging in various places around the house right now.

Everyone have a great day
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The boyfriend and I are going to buy a soccer ball and take it to the park to play around. Tonight our friend is having a party at his house, so I'll get dolled up for that later.
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So far I have gone out for breakfast. Went groceries shopping. Took my daughter down to order her grad pictures. Bought a new comforter set for my bed. This afternoon I will be putting a turkey in the oven.
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Well, I got up early (6:30 am) so I could be down at the Smog Check Shop when they opened. We got there at exactly 8 am when they were supposed to open. It seems they opened 15 minutes early! So we were about 3 or 4th in line to get the car smogged. It took an 1 1/2 hrs to get it all done. Only thing that did not pass was a $10 gas cap which they sold me. So my car is now legal! It is only about 9 months overdue. I paid the registration in Nov but did not have the money to get it smogged until today. Thank God my referral bonuses came in! It wasn't as much as I thought it would be, around $69. That includes a $10 repeat customer deduction and the $10 gas cap! So I basically got the gas cap for free.

Then we went out to breakfast. We now need to go next door and feed Shadow, my neighbor's cat and DH needs to scoop his box. We will give him some scritches and treats.

We are going to hopefully go to the gym later today to work off that big breakfast!

Maybe take a nap later since I had to get up early.
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I slept in late (til 11:30) and then laid around with the cats, being lazy. Finally went to the gym and grabbed a sub at Subway afterward. Ate lunch on the porch with the kitties.

For the rest of the day, I think I'll clean out/wash my car and be lazy some more. Hubby is out on a fishing tourney with his brother, so no need to make dinner.
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Jon and I went and ate lunch in this really cool neighborhood in Wichita, went to a bookstore, walked around the neighborhood, it was so beautiful. And then we got gelato. Now, I'm tired, but it was way fun.
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We're repairing the closet door and the patio door screen that the cats destroyed this week. My little buggers had fun the last couple of days! Then finish laundry and head out to see a band at the local watering hole tonight.
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Well mom parents were here!. Dad and I ran the recycling stuff to the drop off then while Neil and mom worked on their taxes Dad went with me running a bunch of errands.

The store Tues. Morning has glazed ceramic birdbaths for $30 I was there when they opened and snagged two. I should have gotten another but they only had 9 of them and they were snapped up in less than 5 minutes!!

Got cat food and litter and showed in the store I work part time!! We don't do much stuff together so it was good to have a bit of bonding time. Bought him some yummy homemade carmel popcorn and deep fried cheese curds at the cheese shop before we wnet home.

But once we got back here the weather forecast for tomorrow is terrible with 4-6" of snow and thunder as well so they drove back already.

I rented two movies-Australia and Zack& Miro to watch tonite!
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