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Update on Caleb- Helicobacter pylori

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My 4yo orange tabby, Caleb, was originally diagnosed with pancreatitis, specifically Triaditis, at the beginning of February. I ended up bringing him to a veterinary hospital because he wasn't responding to the treatment our local vet ordered.
It's been a very long haul for my Caleb, and he lost more than a pound while enduring many procedures and diagnoses that just didn't fit, but finally, he had a endoscopy and the biopsies revealed he has Helicobacter pylori.
The specialist said this is the bacteria that causes ulcers in humans.
In cats it is usually asymptomatic, but since Caleb's stomach lining looked inflamed and he still was vomiting that he needed to be treated. He'll need to tale flagyl and amoxicillin and pepsid 3xday for 2 weeks. (Wish me luck with that :-)
I'm hoping this will do the trick.
I've also been thinking of switching all 3 of my cats over to raw food, because I wonder if this might be somehow diet related, but I'll wait till Caleb is stabilized.
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I forgot to mention that Caleb was also seen by a cardiologist because the Internal Medicine vet heard a grade 2 murmur.
I was so worried, especially since we had an HCM kitty who died and I couldn't imagine my family going thru that heartbreak again.
Thankfully, the cardiologist said he had a functional murmur and he did an echo that was normal.
Thank God!!
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Let us know how Caleb responds to the treatment. Lots of on the pill regimen.
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