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Hey everyone.

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Haven't been around in a while. Hope all of you are doing okay. I've been doing good but have been very busy with work and moving into a new home and what not. We have gotten a new pet however it is not a cat. I bought my fiance a boston terrier puppy a two weeks ago. It did not happen without a heartbreaking experience occuring. We searched and searched for a puppy and finally found one at a local pet store. I'll post the letter I sent to the attorney generals office for the details on that. The new puppy, Sampson, is doing fine. We picked him up from a breeder in town not to far from us. They were great people and we couldn't be happier with the puppy. The kitties are doing great also. They were pretty freaked out about the move but they seem to have adjusted fine.

Here is the letter to sum up my experience

Hello Mr. Moore,

My name is Jason ****** and I've been living in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area for approximately 7 years and within the state for 30. I have owned various pets throughout my life and currently am the proud owner of two cats. One was adopted from a local adoption center and one was a stray that just happened to walk around the corner and hop into my fiancées lap. These pets bring much happiness to my fiancées life as well as my own. We are proud to be good pet owners and to provide a home for two animals that otherwise may have been killed in the wild or put to sleep because they could find no home. Despite all the happiness the cats bring us, tragedy has struck our home. On April 15th we purchased a Boston terrier puppy from a local pet store. We were absolutely thrilled. He was the smallest, cutest, most playful puppy we have ever seen. It was so wonderful having the puppy in our home. We named him Boudreaux. Our happiness came crashing down on us on the April 23rd. Our puppy began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. We immediately took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with parvovirus and coccidia. We left him in their care (he was able to come home for a few hours) until he died last night (May 01, 2003) around 11:45pm. We are devastated. We did everything we possibly could for our puppy. He was given the absolute best care possible for a puppy in his condition. What really has devastated us most is the lack of concern for the pet store to remedy the situation, especially after misrepresenting the puppy as a six week old puppy when he was really only four weeks old. The store gave him his shots at two weeks of age. A vet has verified that giving shots at two weeks of age are worthless. It is clear that this puppy contracted this sickness before we purchased him yet the store has decided we should deal with the problem on our own. Basically, they sold us a puppy they said was healthy (he was not) and was six weeks old (the puppy should have not been removed from his mother at the time we purchased it) and that he was vaccinated twice. The medical records they possess claim that the puppy was four weeks old when sold and had been vaccinated once.They have decided it is our problem and they can offer us no solution even though we have signed statements from the veterinarian stating the puppy contracted the sickness before being introduced to our home. I feel this store is responsible for selling us a sick puppy. It has come to our attention, through different veterinarians and animal care-givers, that the manager of this store, P** B**** has a long record of neglecting animals and selling sick puppies. According to one source, "P*m is a red-flag". P*m had originally agreed to help us with the bills and accepted responsibility. Since the unfortunate death of Boudreaux, she has been uncooperative and has stated she will in no way help us.I feel they owe us an apology and restitution for puppy and vet bills. Don't get me wrong, the money was not the top priority. Getting the puppy home and well was our main concern. Now we are left without our precious puppy and close to $1500 in vet bills. Through my contacts with the local Humane Society it was brought to my attention that you are a pet/animal lover as well. There is certainly more to this story if you are interested in hearing about it. I am certainly willing to tell you the complete story and do anything else I can to stop this pet store from infecting animals and selling these poor animals to the public. It has devastated our lives and these practices must be stopped. Because of all the investigating that my fiancée and I have been doing, it has been brought to our attention that "there is nothing that can be done, everything has been tried". I think that it is important that you are aware of these unethical business practices taking place in Mississippi. The fact that a store is able to sell sick animals and to completely ignore all of the warnings given by the area vets is inexcusable. I know that this may seem to be a small problem, but it can have large repercussions to the community as a whole. I really need your help in getting this matter settled. Please advise us in what steps we need to take next, I know that if there is anyone who can achieve action, it is the Attorney General. Please think of how many people this one store can defraud before there is ever anything done about it. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you would like to hear more about our situation.


Jason *****


I've come across some other people that have had problems with them but I can't convince them to voice there opinions. I am working with the BBB, Attorney Generals office, In Defence of Animals (who had the owner arrested in 1993 for over 600 counts of animal abuse) to get some action taken against these people. I know better than to buy pets from pet stores but bostons are very hard to find around here and frankly, I never figured this would happen to us. Thanks for listening.

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Jason, it's nice to see you back but I'm sorry it had to be on such a sad note. I'm really sorry to hear about the pup...that poor little thing!
Your letter was awesome! It was very well written and I hope it draws a lot of attention to such a horrible breeder/petstore. Wishing you the best and hope something gets done about this.

Hope Sampson is doing good!
Best wishes!
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I am worried your new puppy might contract Parvo. This virus can live for many months in your home. It is important that the puppy has had his parvo shots at least a few weeks before you brought him home. Parvo is a horrible illness and I am sory for your loss of a sweet little life.

If your first puppy from the pet shop had registration papers please contact the breeder or at least turn them into the humaine society as NO puppy should leave it's mother before 8 weeks at the very least. I would contact the American Kennel Club and report the breeder as well.
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Good to see you again Jason, but I'm so sorry about Bordeaux. Poor little guy.

Hopefully the Attorney General will be able to do something for you. In most states, pet stores are supposed to be regulated against just such things as this. Many states have a minimum age at which you can sell puppies, and 4 weeks is WAY too young, but you already know this. Unfortunately, my quick search of MS laws didn't turn anything up, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. If nothing else, she should be held liable for defrauding you and misrepresentation of a product.

Oh, and please check you PM's.
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Work closely with the BBB, they can put places like this out of business if you stick with it. Keep fighting, this woman needs to be put out of business!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
I am worried your new puppy might contract Parvo. This virus can live for many months in your home.
We bleached the home completely (clothes, furniture, everything) as directed by the vet. We threw away all his toys and towels. Plus we moved to a new home before we got the new puppy. Our vet felt it was safe for us to bring a puppy into our new home so we felt safe too. He's going on his 3rd week with us.
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Jason, I'm so sorry to hear about Boudreaux. I hope something can be done to the person at the pet store that is reponsible for letting a sick puppy be sold. (Nevermind the fact he was too young to be separated from mom.) It really sickens to me to know that this person was known to be a "red flag" too. Doing the same sort of thing repeatedly. Argh!

I know you must be sad about Boudreaux, but at least the little guy had you and your vet to care for him and make him as comfy as possible for as long as he lasted.

I hope all goes well with Sampson. He's lucky to have such a good daddy caring for him.
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That is such a sad story, I'm so sorry!

I hope the AG office is able to help you, maybe even recover some of your costs. That is horrible what they did!
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Welcome back Jason! I am so sorry about the loss of your puppy! I would be devestated. Hopefully something will result from that letter!
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Poor puppy! Thank you Jason for taking this up and taking action against that store. They sure need to be put out of business. What about a letter to your local newspaper? Maybe they'll take it up to do a research and find other customers who can give evidence of pet abuse?

Oh and welcome back!
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Jason!!! Welcome back!!! I missed seeing your laughing cats signature!

It's so sad what happened with Boudreaux! Sorry that you and your fiance had to go through this experience. I hope you get some response from your letter. I would send a copy to the local newspaper/TV station and see if they are interested in doing a consumer awareness tv segment. By contacting the local media, you would probably get a larger audience to hear about your experience and make the public aware.

Just a thought! It's good to hear from you again!

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Jason, This is tragic! Keep fighting, please! Sometimes it's a long hard fight, but you have documented proof, and that should help. What a sad, sad, story this is. Perhaps, however, it will serve as a warning to others never to buy a puppy or kitten from Pet Shops-in general. Those little ones are usually raised at puppy and kitten mills. They don't get the care and love that a good breeder who raises them underfoot will give them. God bless!
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Thanks for the kind replies everyone. I've contacted all the local radio stations, newspapers within 150 miles, and tv stations but they won't call me back or reply to my email. I heard back from the director of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health today. It was a 'sorry, better luck next time' message. I also spoke with the mayor. No real concern coming from his office. If his votes fall short next election then he'll be able to thank me for that. It's getting close to time to hear back from the Better Business Bureau. I think just by word of mouth I've cost them some sales.
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Jason, That's a disgrace! Have you considered suing them in small claims court. That wouldn't look very good for them. I assume the paper would have to cover that!
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