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Swollen Paw-Pad

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My kitten stepped into this glue substance earlier today. I'm not sure exactly what this substance is called. My dad is building an extra bathroom in the house and once he placed down the floor of the walk-in shower he used this substance to seal it to the floor along the edges where there are cracks. The substance, initially very sticky and "glue"-like, eventually hardens and looks like a foam but is a lot more sturdy and almost crunchy/crispy. (It's not toxic. I made sure of this)

So right when she stepped into this we did our best to clean it for her. I even had to cut a few pieces of fur because it was extremely difficult to wash out. I left the area around the paw itself alone as I didn't want to cause any problems for the pads. But I think it was too late because right when I picked her up I noticed one of the pads were swollen. This was about 6 hours ago, and as of right now it's still swollen and a second one has also become slightly swollen.

She hasn't been limping or acting strangely. She's still extremely playful, eating normally, sleeping normally, etc. So I don't think there is anything lodged in there. I looked closely at it with a flashlight and could not find anything. My only guess is the pad reacted to the glue and swelled up because of it, but I don't know if it could have possibly swelled so quickly after contact.

Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions? I'll be taking her to a vet if the swelling does not go away by tomorrow night or so. I'm a bit low on funds at the moment so if I could treat this myself at home that would be great.
I've also put some hydrogen peroxide around the pad just incase and will continue doing so 2-3 times a day.

Below are some pictures (the paw has been cleaned up since these have been taken):

Thank you.
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Doh, I'm a dummie.

What she stepped in is that isolation substance you set in between the outside of a window-pane and the wall it's going into. It helps keep the warmth in and what-not. It's not a glue she stepped in (but certainly feels like it!)
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Is her swollen pad warm to the touch? If it is I would prob take her-not to a e-vet, just the regular vet... Cost would prob just be for and exam (not much). Could be an allergic reaction to the chemicals. Just keep her away from the goo intill the construction is over-even if that mean shutting her in the bathroom.

My major concern is is she ingested ANY of it, if there is any possibility I would go the the vet/e-vet ASAP!

Edit- Her nail, does it look ok? It isn't stuck in the shaft is it?
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The temperature of the swollen pink area isn't any different than the rest of her body. It doesn't even seem to phase her when I touch it or move the pads around. But I did notice when we applied hydrogen peroxide that it formed a slight white fizz around part of the swelling, and I know it only reacts that way on cuts, wounds, etc.

Yes, we're definitely keeping her away from that bathroom my dad is building. She'd need to go into the master bedroom then into that bathroom, so keeping her out isn't a problem.

We managed to clean and cut away.. I'd say about 90% of the substance that was on her. The rest she had to lick and bite off, but like it said on the can it's not toxic and if ingested simply drink lots of fluids and you should be fine. Do you think if what she ingested was harming her that she would show sign of it? Either in her appetite, excrement, or possibly behaviour? That way I can keep an eye on those things.

The nail is a-okay.

Update: It's been about 24 hours and the swelling has slightly gone. She's acting and eating normally as before.
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As for ingesting it I would watch everything (eating, eliminating, they way she acts)

It's been a while, is she healed up yet?
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She's behaving and eating normally, so no worries there.

The swollen area was actually a slight wound. It's healing/scabbing over right now.
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