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Cammy threw up!

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Help! She threw up about an hour and a half after I gave her her antibiotic. I'm going to give her her next dose after she eats breakfast, does that sounds okay? Maybe it hurt her tummy because it was empty? Is there something that would help her in the meantime? I'm really worried about her. I just makes me so sad to see her not feeling well!
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What antibiotic are you giving her? It's possible that she threw up because her tummy was empty, but she just may not be able to tolerate it and you'll need to call the vet back and let them know.
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They gave me amoxitabs...I'll call them tomorrow. It's so hard to see her like this. When she came in last Friday, I thought she was sleeping a lot, but...she's a cat. Now you can tell she doesn't feel well.
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Try to give it to her with/after food. That way you might be able to narrow down if it's an empty tummy problem or just her body not tolerating it.
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Okay, I feed her at 8:00 AM and the vet closes at noon, so that will be good. My poor girl.
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I gave her the antibiotic after she had her breakfast and she was fine. So now I know to give it to her in the mornings. She hasn't drank any water today though. If she doesn't tomorrow I'm going to call the vet.
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Sometimes cats drink so little water it's hard to tell. You can check her for's hard to describe, but here goes.

You need to grab her skin/hair by the scruff of the neck/above her shoulder blades. Pull up on the skin - if it snaps back down like "normal" she's not dehydrated. If the skin sticks up - then she is dehydrated.

Can you try giving her some canned food? When I have kitties with a URI - I give canned food to ensure they stay hydrated, and I give it at the time of meds to help the meds sit.

If she's still not doing well, or you don't see improvement by the 5th day of anti-biotics, call the vet. My vets general rule of thumb is if no improvement within 5 days - switch meds.
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Thanks, Nat, I did know that trick and she's fine so far, I just knew dehydration was one of the complications of a URI, so I'm looking out for it. And I feed her one pouch of wet food a day, should I feed her two? And she doesn't really have any symptoms of a URI, just a few eye crusty and sneezing. I was wondering how I would know if she's better. Maybe I'll just take her back to the vet, I don't mind spending the money just to be safe.
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She should be sneezing less, and have less eye goop - generally act perkier. She won't be 100%, but she should be notably better by then usually.
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