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Oh my!! new kitty has not stopped crying since I brought him home. He was quite in the car, and now(lol). He crys when he purrs when he eats, when you hold him, and the whole time he walks around the house. I would have thought he would have lost his voice be now( lol)
is this normal for a Bengal? The breeder says it is. I quess I will have to get ear plugs. He is very loving and wants to be with me all the time. He is eating well, but still not playing much.
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How old is he? You have to look at life from his young eyes, one minute he is in the midst of his warm mom and his siblings and the next minute he is in this strange house with no one to play with. He misses his family a lot. I would suggest a snugglekittie, they are really good for comforting anxious kitties:

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He was born March 31st. I played with him for a half hour and now, at last he is sleeping(lol). I think he just needs time to adjust, he has found one spot he loves to sleep on. Now when he see me he comes running to me. I do think he will be a very vocal kitty.
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