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My "mama" cat as I have been calling her, had 5 widdle babies today She is one of the feral cats I feed. She had them under my porch in a cat carrier I had sitting under there, but I moved them to the garage to be safe.

She is doing wonderful with them

When I get a chance to use my moms camera, I will post pics!!! There are 3 redheads(as i like to call them) and two buff ones
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Can't wait to see them! How's mama doing??
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AWWWW! Adorable! And wonderful colours too!
Good luck to Mommy and babies!!!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!
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Congratulations I can't wait for pictures
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I NEED pictures!!!!!! Congratulations Mama!
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Yay! Did you get to be there while she was giving birth? How did it all go? Congratulations to you and the mommy cat!
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Love new babies. Pictures please.
Is Mama Cat okay with you moving the babies?
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Aw I bet they are cute. Love redheads! We have only one in this litter. Congrats!!
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Congratulations on the new litter,i can not wait for pictures.
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