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I feel like an idiot for taking Mons to the show...

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... because I just found out the reason behind his weight loss and conditions that have creeped up after the show.

what do I do now? I just found out about this and I worry for other cats that may have been there.
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Talk to other breeders that were at the show and she what they have to say. Fip is very hard to prove. I was told my Yoshi had the dry form with kidney stones. I have his mom and she did not get it.
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Nial was there with two of his cats. I'll see what he has to say.

We also are going to contact the rescue from where we bought him. Not good for the other cats.

Edit: I called his cattery too, but no one answered. Maybe he'll come on here soon. I feel like because of the shelter's negligence (they sold one of my coworkers a sick dog) that other cats may have been endangered. No wonder they bought him out at the last minute right when we were about to leave without a cat. Stupid us thought he was just small and he'd be the cutest thing to show. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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I think Cleos breeder was there also.
Maybe the cat was sick already before you showed him.
It can take a while to show up.
Maybe thats why he was not gaining weight.
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I'm not familiar with how its spread, but Mons would really not have any direct contact with another cat and the judges do spray the table and the cages between cats with a little disinfectant, so things should be ok.

Ok I looked it up:


Very simply, the answer is no.


Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a reaction to infection with the feline coronavirus. Most cats who become infected with the feline enteric coronavirus (often simply called “feline coronavirus”) essentially get the flu and never develop anything that can in any way be described as serious. Some cats, however, react with this devastating syndrome.


Here are some basics about this virus:

* It is common wherever cats are housed in groups and it is readily transmitted between cats.

* Transmission is typically by contact with infected feces. This means that the litter box is the usual place where infection takes place. This infection is unusual in cats that free-roam outdoors (no litter box) or who live in homes where there is only one cat. The virus enters the new host’s body via the nose and mouth.

* An active infection lasts several weeks to a few months. Virus is shed in the infected cat’s stool during this period. If the cat is reinfected, virus sheds again for weeks to months. During this time, the cat may or may not seems at all ill. Some infected cats do not shed virus.

* Households with fewer than 5 cats eventually spontaneously clear of coronavirus. Households with more than 5 cats virtually never clear of coronavirus.

* Most household disinfectants readily kill coronavirus immediately. Room temperature kills coronavirus within 48 hours. Carpeting is protective to the virus and the virus is able to survive in carpeting for at least 7 weeks.
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thank you, Golden Kitty. It makes me feel a bit better for the other cats.
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FIP as such is not contagious.

FIP will occure if the Coronavirus mutates in an indevidual cat. Young cats under the age of 2 years, very old cats and cats with a weak immune system are particularly susceptible for FIP. Certain breeds are also more susceptible for FIP than others. When or if the Coronavirus will mutate into FIP is something that can not be predicted- though stress of any kind seems to play a role. As there are different strains of the Coronavirus

Cats shed the Coronavirus through their feces and spit, though a carrier will not shed the virus at all times. At present it is not clear if a cat that has FIP can shed the mutated virus- most experts seem to think that this does not happen.

If a cat is shedding the Coronavirus (not FIP) can be tested by doing a PCR test on the cats feces.

Most cats carry the Coronavirus without ever having FIP - it is estimated that up to 80% oif all cats have the Coronavirus, especially if they come from a larger groups of cats- this includes breders, animal shelters and colonies of feral cats.

Don't panic.

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... most importantly- FIP is nobodys just occurs sometimes.

Taking a cat to a show is a normal thing to do and there was no way this could be forseen nor that the cat wouldn`t have developed FIP if you hadn't gone.

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There's no need for concern for the other cats at the show. The mutated form of the corona virus that causes FIP is not contagious.
There is a very slim possibilty that Mons was also shedding the regular corona virus, but it's unlikely any cats were exposed. (he didn't appear ill to me at the show)
Exposure and contagion usually occurs in close quarters with other cats, sharing food, water, litter boxes and sleeping areas.

That isn't the case in the showhalls and judging cages are sanitized after each cat.

Sorry to learn about Mons. He seems like a very sweet boy.
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thanks, Nial. Besides have no show kitty now, it looks like I probably won't be going to Atlanta even to visit (I so wanted to go back so bad this year) since I've already dipped into the funds I set aside for the trip so I could pay for his latest test and may have to use more of it and then some. I already had time off taken for this trip (I was going to arrive there Thursday) and for Orlando. Don't know what I will do about Orlando even if I can afford to go. Chloe is starting to get grouchy when I go to visit her at my uncle's house.
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