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I'm not moving

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I finally fell apart, this afternoon and after a lot of tears and back-and-forth, we decided to give it another shot.

Bill's job has been getting worse, I'm depressed and money has been tight for him. I'm upping my contribution to the household. Even without the alimony, I'm making more money than Bill is.

Next week, I'm going to the doctor and have him run my hormone levels. EVERYTHING makes me cry, lately. At 45, its early for menopause but, it could be perimenopause. If so, one pill a day will take care of it.

Maybe now the cats will calm down, too. They've been picking up on my distress. They've also been unpacking boxes. They don't want to move, either.
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Cindy, I wish you the very best! I can tell from your posts that you love Bill and that deep down you really want it to work out. Hopefully this will show Bill that you want this relationship to work and maybe he'll give it a better try this time.

Hope the hormones will smooth out for you too. Maybe it will all be fixed with a simple little pill! Mom said those pills are lifesavers...with out them, she would have killed Dad years ago!
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I really hope you and Bill can work things out between you, Cindy.
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So do I Cindy- these back and forth emotional waves are to much for you to keep riding. Good luck!
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I hope everything works out Cindy. It's amazing what depression (or hormones as the case may be) can do to a relationship. When I was really depressed, our relationship was crap. Looking back, although I blamed Earl for everything at the time, a lot of it was my own skewed perceptions making everything a whole lot worse than it needed to be.

Good luck with everything. You know we all only want to see you happy!
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Let me join the others in saying I hope everything works out the way you want it to. I know my s/o's job is a big part of his life and he is miserable when things don't go well, so I can kind of understand where Bill is coming from. I hope things get better for both of you. I have also had the early menopause symptoms, and it is no fun. I got so whacked out that I had to go into therapy and take medication for it. It has really helped me. I hope you get the help you need, also. You and Bill have been in my prayers, and will continue to be. Good Luck to both of you in patching things up!
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Cindy, I hope everything works out for you and Bill. It's pretty obvious how much you care for him. I'm glad you're both giving it another chance. I'll be keeping you two in my thoughts. Hope it turns out just as you want.
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Hi Cindy!
Im not too familiar with the details of your story, but I'm gathering information form people's posts.
I want to wish you the best, and I hope you feel much beter as soon as possible! you sound very sad, and I hope everyone's posts were boosting your moral a bit!

Feel good!

and please keep us posted, so we can try and help!
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Cindy, I'm SO happy to hear that you guys might be patching things up at last. I know it didn't work last time, and things took a downward turn, but I think if you both love each other it would be such a shame to see the relationship die.

Once things are a bit calmer, have you thought about seeking relationship counselling? I know there is a bit of a stigma attached to this, but from my own experience unless you can take that very large next step of fully cementing the relationship, there is a danger that you will keep repeating the same process of fall out and make up until you finally fall out for good.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I'm so glad that peace once again reigns in the Bill 'n' Cindy household!!!!
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Cindy, this is a very positive and brave step. You've had a huge amount of stress right now with Mark, and worry about the babies and all. So its no wonder your emotions are all on the surface. It sounds to me like you are just overwhelmed with the stress of life, and Bill doesn't know how to handle it.

Good for you, and for him, to decide to try and work things out. And good for you to decide to go to a doctor. It may be hormones, or it may just be life.

And you know that TCS is always here for support. That is as good as counselling some times, having a supportive place to vent.

I want to hear about the kitties unpacking! That sounds like something mine would do.
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I'm glad that you and Bill have taken a step forward together. I wish you two the best in making things work. Sending good vibes on the doctor visit. Hearing that things are better for you has given my day a good start.

It's always good to start the day with good news about a friend. ((((HUGS))))

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Cindy - I hope you and Bill will be able to work things out. All I know of you and Bill is what you share here, but you seem like such a special couple.

I hope the doctor is able to help you. As you have so much stress in your life at this point, I don't think it would be out of line to ask him whether an antidepressant might help you at this point. It does not have to be a permanent thing. As one doctor explained to me, "it just helps you while you are working through things". And I agree with Yola on the couple's counseling. Sometimes you just need somebody else to help you learn to talk to each other more clearly and gain confidence in your relationship. Obviously you and your doctor know what is best for you.

You are strong and intelligent and compassionate and you can make it work if you both put your hearts into it.

Good luck, Cindy!
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Good luck, I hope you are able to work it out together. :rainbow:
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Cindy - I am sorry I have not replied to earlier posts - life gets past me these days since I moved.
But I am sorry that you have to go through all this trouble and I am glad that you guys are working through this now.
Good luck with the doctor and working everything out.

Big hugs to you
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Cindy, I really hope that everything works out for you - you are a wonderful woman and only deserve the good things in life (you have had too many bad). I will keep you in my prayers and hope that the doctor will be able to help you.
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I'm sorry you have been going through such an emotional time Cindy.

Figure out what you want for *your* life and focus on the positive. Make sure to keep the communications lines open and be true to yourself.

Good luck!

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Thanks, everyone. I don't know if I can get to the doctor, next week or not. Got my schedule, today and I'm working normal 8-to-5 hours, all next week! If I can get a late appointment, I'll go.

I may try those herbal hormone supplements, that I've been reading about.

Opie has managed to open the box, containing my shoes (its a BIG box) and Buddy has ripped open the trash bag, holding stuffed animals. He has dragged them all the way to the door of this room. I don't think that they wanted to move, either.
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Listen to the kitties, Cindy. Give it your best shot. I would urge you two to get counseling also. Prayers.
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Good luck, Cindy! I wish you the best of luck with everything, and I hope you and Bill can work things out for good!
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Sounds like your cats are telling you what they think. I'm glad you and Bill are working things out. I know it isn't easy, but you are showing your courage and caring. I wish you and Bill all the luck and strength that you might need.
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