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Don't you hate it when...

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I'm battling a sinus infection, and 4 or five times today I've had a big sneeze build up, only to have it vanish just as I'm about to blow.

Don't you hate that?
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Someone once told me when i couldn't get my sneeze out to look up at the fluorescent tubes and it would come. It did as well and i pass this on to everyone when i see them have a job at sneezing
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Sorry to hear you're fighting a sinus infection. I hope you get over it soon! What are you taking for it?

I hate it when you're minding your own biz and out of nowhere a gianormous sneeze comes out and it not only suprises you but scares the bejeebers out of the kitty!
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"can't get your sneeze out" That just cracks me up for some reason!

Here's some big old honking sneeze vibes for ya! That should get you sorted!
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I usually am able to fight off these things with the judicious use of medicinal teas, lots of juice and bumping my vitamin C intake, I've got a strong immune system.

But, if I don't throw it off in 4 days I end up on Amoxycillan.
I'm on day three now so it looks as though I'll be needing the antibiotics.

Susan, I know about the the flourescent/sunlight trick, but these buggers apparently don't and they vanish anyway
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Aww jeez, that sucks!

Sending you lots of 'get well soon!' vibes
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hehe I'm on the opposite end. If I notice someone has that "about to sneeze" face, I say something really confusing (like purple flying elephant) and it makes them not sneeze. They hate it! LOL!
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
hehe I'm on the opposite end. If I notice someone has that "about to sneeze" face, I say something really confusing (like purple flying elephant) and it makes them not sneeze. They hate it! LOL!
LMBO!!! You sound like me!
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I usually get Biaxin for respiratory/sinus infections. Nasty stuff but it clears things up quickly. The last time I was starting to get a sinus infection I was blowing a lot of odd pink tinted stuff out of my nose - from blood likely. I literally sat in the bathroom for an hour because the stuff wouldn't stop running. It was 7 am (sinus pain woke me up) so I called the doctor as soon as they opened and had the Biaxan called in. Better than waiting when I already knew where things were heading! It prevented what was in my lungs from getting worse, too.
..Even with the antibiotics that was weird flu/cold + infection for me - I had my oxygen levels drop low enough that I probably should have went to the ER but I didn't want to because I had just got out of the hospital a little over a week earlier.

My point, don't make yourself wait and suffer. If there's worsening sinus pain and pressure, or blood, get it checked out.
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Oh I know, I get these things twice a year at least, starts with allergies and excalates.
I hold off because of no work and no insurance.
I do know that if I've still got green stuff (sorry, I know that's gross) coming out of my nose on Monday, I'm going in.
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^ Don't worry about grossing people out... we've all had that at some point. It's too bad you simply couldn't call your doctor and have them prescribe a medicine for respiratory infections that you've been prescribed before - but I remember you saying you move around?
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I hate it when that happens to me also.

When my mom was alive, we used to tease her when she was going to sneeze. I would say to her "Here it comes! Here it comes!" and she would start to laugh and the sneeze would go away.

What I really hate is sneezing while I am driving. I am always afraid I will get into an accident!
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I move an average of 1/2 mile to 2 miles twice a month
I stay in the same area, but that keeps my monthly rent around $130 including utilities

It's not a URI yet, I've been sleeping on my stomach to keep the post nasal drip out of my soft palate and throat.
4 days is all I give them to clear on their own as I'll get a bronchial infection very eaily beyond that.
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At least it's just a minor change in scenery, and the upside is you don't have to worry about living next to any particular rotten neighbor for long.

I used to be able to sleep on my stomach until a) I err, grew into a C and b) my back got worse. Now if I try laying on my stomach for even a little while I can't get back up again...kind of funny in a way.

I hope you can kick this infection so it doesn't spread elsewhere. Bronchial infections are annoying, as many can attest to lately. I tend to be prone to them because no matter how much I cough, it's not very productive. THAT just reminded me, Mucinex may help you prevent this from turning to bronchitis!
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Mucinex may help you prevent this from turning to bronchitis!
Good one! Mucinex has always worked great with my family
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I've had sinus problems (an infection???) off and on for 4 weeks now. It always starts in my left nostril, and my left eye and side of my face aches, too. I finally got rid of the headache today. I was so congested, with swollen glands, sore throat, and a headache (all of which kept me up most of Thurs. night), I called in sick yesterday.

The problem is, it comes and goes. I've always had sinus problems, nothing major, just annoying; but have had this thing off and on for 4 weeks.
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