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Do you have songs for your kitties?

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Sad to say, I've actually tried to come up with songs for my cats, and it's never stuck until now. I finally have a song for Ginger Cookie and she likes it when I sing it to her! OK, it's not long, it's not even one full verse, but it works.

To the tune of Santa, Baby

Cookie, Baby
You've really been an awful good girl

I've never had to go further than that...she comes up for headbumps and kisses by then. Maybe she's trying to get me to stop singing?
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oh yeah!!

Moo and Tilly have a full song list!!

in fact my fiance is jealious since i Have songs about the cats and none about him...
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As you well know, Heidi, I have songs for just about ~everything~, but especially my cats ... Lexus is also known as "Stinkbutt" or "Stinky" for short, so to the tune of Rick James, SuperFreak ...

She's a very stinky girl
The kind who loves to love up Momma
But she never keeps her hiney clean
She's a Super Stink, Super Stink
She's super stinky, YEOW!

I had a boat load of 'em for the holidays, but not about the cats in specific. Crappy Holidays is my favorite, but unfortunately cannot be posted here. *evil wink and grin*
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I just use "The Cat" theme from "Peter & the Wolf".
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I sing "Suppertime" for Larry when it's suppertime, and he comes running. It's an old bluesy Irving Berlin song and I changed the lyrics. The original lyrics are:

Supper time
I should set the table
cause its supper time
Somehow Im not able
cause that man o mine
Aint comin home no more

Supper time
Kids will soon be yellin
For their supper time
Howll I keep from tellin
Them that man o mine
Aint comin home no more?

I changed them to:

time to feed the kitty
'cause it's suppertime.
Kitty's sittin' pretty
'cause that cat o mine
aint' on the street no more.

soon he will be cryin'
for his suppertime.
And he won't be lyin'
'cause that cat o mine
is hungry to the core.

He hangs around meowing, singing along, and gets all excited for his suppertime!
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I had a boat load of 'em for the holidays, but not about the cats in specific. Crappy Holidays is my favorite, but unfortunately cannot be posted here. *evil wink and grin*
My brother and I get together on the holidays and sing that too!

I'm not creative, I sing the name game song to Maggie and she sometimes gives me a soft slap in the face. I don't blame her, my singing is atrocious!
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LOL.. you guys are creative!

I really only have a song for Billy because his foster mom sent along a note that he loved to be sang to sleep. It's "Sincerely" by the McGuire Sisters.. Bill-erized!

Mister Billy.. oh you know how I love you!
I'd do anything for you.. please furrever be mine!
Oh Lord, don't gotta tell me why I love this fella so.
Hope he will always want me..
'Cause I'll never, never, never, never.. let him go! (& repeat)
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Haha, I saw the title of this post and thought "Oh boy..." I admit that I also sing to my cats. Usually if I have a song stuck in my head, I'll just use that tune and make up words to go with it, based on what the cat is doing at that moment.. it's pretty spontaneous and all the songs are really terrible and don't rhyme at all.
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i don't have actual songs for Jake but there are some existing songs that I like to sing to him..
I am a huge fan of Queen so I will song to him 'Love of my life' by Queen and also 'I was born to love you' ...especially because there is a line that says 'I was born to take care of you' it seems a perfect summary of the purpose for my existence
I also like to change a few words sometimes to make the song more fit for a
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To the Cops theme song...

Bad Kitties! Bad Kitties!
What 'cha gonna do?
What 'cha gonna do when they come for you?

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We sing "Nora, Nora, Nora the Explorer!" to her and the funny thing is that she HATES it! She gets all mad and gives us dirty looks every time we sing it. If we sing any other song to her she couldn't care less, but she hates the Dora song with a passion. lol
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omg! this site makes me realize im not as demented as i thought i was!

of corse i have songs for my cats!!lmao!!

I will think of more, but one of the top of my head is 1 day i put catnip out on the floor or the cats, and sabstian and nipper were loving it, and princess just sniffed it and walked away like nothing....

So we sang to Princess:

She dont like, she dont like
She dont like.....(a drug that id prob get in trouble for writimg here)!!!!!
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for mine, i have a song for each of the girls. i haven't come up w/one i like for Chip, tho.
Pixel's is to the tune of Edelweiss, Cable's is to K-K-K-Katy, Java's is from Thoroughly Modern Millie - Jimmy, & Firefox's is to the tune of Camelot.
i'll post lyrics if y'all want me to, but each of them has an entire verse
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I have different songs for different activities for Danny. There are a couple I sing while getting his dinner but the one I've using lately is Din-Din Time. Basically it is from the Ink Spots' song "Twilight Time":

Heavenly shades of night are falling
Its din-din time
Deep in the dark a voice is calling
Its din-din time
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
Together at last at din-din time

I don't think he finds it terribly amusing and if it weren't for the food he would probably clout me!
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I just sing what pops into my head...she really doesn't appreciate my musical talents at all though.
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Yes I am silly, sometimes I will sing a song and replace words in the song with their names. Sometimes I just sing songs I have stuck in my head and just sing the cat's name instead of all the lyrics like "Church Church Churchie" and so on... Sometimes I just stick their names in the song or change the lyrics such as 'Roxy the kittycat' instead of 'Frosty the snowman'. Sometimes I just replace some of a song's lyrics with the word "cat" or "kitty" too. I also sometimes sing that silly kitty-cat dance song (link: ) or a song from Making Fiends which goes "kitty kitty kitty you are pretty pretty pretty big" here's a link to that song: (it's in the episode)
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LOL! That's too funny! I don't really have songs for my cats, But.. I used to sing to my horse, every one thought I was nuts, but he loved it.

His name was Nikadeamus and I called him Nika, I sang the song Mickey to him but used his name instead

Nika, Nika, your so fine, your so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Nika!
He would always come over and sway his head, like he was bobbing his head to the (very bad) music.
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I change the lyrics to songs all the time with mine. The latest one is sung as I feed the kids the Lamb formula wet food: "Muddy had a little lamb". I use Muddy's name as he is the one that needs wet food the most.

I can't remember the others because I make them up as I go along. DH does it too and we get quite the chuckle going sometimes.

When DH was teaching himself to play guitar, he found out that our OTB dog, Ellie Mae, loved the Van Morrison song, Brown Eyed Girl. We sang it too her often, and calmed her with it as she crossed. I can't hear the song without thinking of her.
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I love this thread!! I love that we sing to our pets!!!
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Shelly, Shelly, fo-felly, fa fi fye-fo-felly, BELLY. (which is funny because Shelly's skinny).
Billy, Billy, so-silly, fa fi fye-fo-filly, BILLY.

Those are the only "repeaters" right at the moment. Otherwise I just make up words to songs stuck in my head at the moment. Gary also sings to them quite frequently, which I think is SO cute.

They don't come running or anything - but when they hear their names they'll at least look at us.

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I usually sing a lot of silly things whatever pops into my head. For example - to the tune of Hey Jude

Hey Dude, you're getting round
your a fat cat, and getting bigger
remember to walk away from the treat
if you don't eat so much
you will get smaller.
na na na na na na na na hey Dude!
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I also have a song for Pearl, whose nickname is Cheerio and who is also my confirmed dry food-only cat in the house. She refuses wet food no matter what I do, and so we started calling the dry food "cookies". So, to the tune of Britney Spears "Womanizer" ...

Cheerio, you got the moves of a magician
Too bad for you
You just can't eat the right nutrition
Cookie Eater Cookie Eater Cookie Eater ...
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