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I forgot to pay my rent!!

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I sat down to pay my utilities online today and was looking through my transactions and realized I didn't see my rent payment.

I know I sat down on February 27th to pay it and I remember entering in the information. I guess I didn't press the confirm button though

I paid it today and called them spewing out all kinds of apologies!!

She said she wasn't sure when the notices are printed out, but she said if I get one to disregard it.

I've always been on time with my rent and in fact the last couple months I've been paying a week or so early. So I can't believe that I'm late this month
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Linda you've been so busy recently with going back to work and all, try not to stress yourself about it! We're all human, sometimes we just forget to press the confirm button! I'm sure they won't hold it against you since you've gone ahead and paid now and called to let them know what was going on. No need to stress yourself out love!
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I'm sure that if you've consistently paid on time or ahead there wouldn't be a problem and especially since you contacted them to give them a heads-up.

Most places are pretty good with long time and good tenants.
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It happens! I did that with a bill back in college and I was mortified! I ended up making myself a checklist every month so I wouldn't do it again. I don't even remember what it was for exactly now.

Just yesterday I was on the phone with a friend while she was making a mad dash to the bank on her lunch break to get a cashier's check for her rent because it was due yesterday.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's not a norm for you and they know it!
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I got a notice in the mail today about my gas bill being late. I could swear I paided it. I looked at my banking on line. I didn't . I always pay my bills on time.
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I did that with my car payment back in December it's due on the 22nd, right at Xmas and I wrote down that I paid it, but I guess I got interrupted The worst part is that my Dad co-signed for me so they called my parents' house
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I once did the same thing. We were living in the apartment, and I was so caught up with my wedding preps, I realized that I forgot to pay my rent! I called them, and apologized, and told them why--and they were most understanding! (On top of it, I was getting over the flu, too.). I just wrote out a check at works, and dropped if off on the way back home.

I NEVER forget to pay bills! I was so embarassed.
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Been there done that.
I was sick a few months ago(Dec if I remember right) and I was just drained most of the month due to just being sick and getting ready for xmas and getting all the presents wrapped and ready to be sent etc. Well, when I was feeling better, I hopped right on the puter( imagine that! LOL!) and noticed that the house payment was still sitting right next to the puter... Well since was like Jan 2nd, I immediately wrote out a check and told dh that it had to be sent that day!!!! It was due Jan 1st.. Oh well, no harm it has a few days leeway so we didn't get a penalty and I've never been late before or since.
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I would be in total disbeleif if I did that too...but don't worry I'm sure they know you are a good tenant if you were never late before!
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