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Itchy skin and no sun exposure?

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Hi All it's me again.
My 12-13 year old Persian is still itchy, and only has a couple of tiny bumps (those are in the area where his back leg meets his hip, where the skin is folded) It's still too cool to give him a lion cut yet, but I plan too as soon as weather allows.
Since he is an indoor cat, and it has been too cold over this winter to take him out much, I was wondering if low/no sun exposure could be worsening this itchy skin (along with poor humidity in the house) I am also banning touching the cats after putting on hand lotion or any such thing.
I tried googling for this but only came up with lots of rashes AFTER sun exposure and one that said Psoriasis symptoms are subdued after 15-30 minutes of sunlight. :T
Thanks for any advice, it was just a thought after I took booboo out for about 45 minutes to lounge in the sun. (We don't get great direct sun through our windows)

Have a great day ya'll
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An update guys - took him to vet this morning, got the same doc I had last time that I didn't like too much, but he ended up prescribing Prednisolone, 9 tablets that are very tiny and I'm to give 1/2 tablet twice a day for 4 days, 1/2 tablet once a day for 7 days, then 1/2 tablet every other day.
I voiced my concerned over Steroids and he said the pills were safer than the shot, but if he started drinking way too much water or peeing too much to stop the pills and call him. he said my cat had inflammation. No mites, no ringworm (no hair loss), no fleas, ... What do you guys think about this? Should I forget the pills and get a second opinion?
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do you have a humidifier in the house??

what is the cat eating ?
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yes we run a humidifier 24/7. We haven't used the heat in a week and some days because the weather has been int he 70-80F's ... the problem now is he is too hot, but I cannot shave him because the weather is getting cold again. New problem, or issue though - he has an inflammed gum now around his bottom canine tooth, hence why he wouldn't eat his dry food (Prescription C/D because of his penile amputation/crystals in bladder) .. I got him so wet treats (Same C/D food) today and he has been hogging them down. He is now on Amoxi-Drops (Hot neon pink stuff) and the Prednisolone. he is going through phases of being kind of abnormally hot, his nose is hot and his ears are hot. He is laying in front of the fan and it is 65F outside, probably about 70 in here. I am not sure if I should worry about this but it's bothering me horribly, i want him to be comfortable not miserable. Doc said his inflammed gum was not serious and the two drugs should get rid of it soon. but he does need a tarter scraping in the coming couple of months. :T bah, I am so anxious now, my poor baby.
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my main vet is holistic and conventional ... SHE would worry about a cat trying to cool off ...

Has a senior panel been done
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No, have not had a senior panel done yet, but I WILL ask about this when I take him in for a tartar scrape. He is doing well this morning, cooled off fine, purring, wanting his food. So I should not generally worry about Prednisolone as long as it is not long term?
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My vet told me no and showed me a few studies to go with that showed it to be FAR safer than what humans take

A senior panel will give you incite if something is not right
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