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Just three cute pics

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Nimby and Marble even though your not my real brother, i still love ya!

(marble is a week to two weeks older then nimby and nimby is alittle bigger then him )

Granet "mommy I'm trying really hard to look like an all black cat " And little blizzy

And my perfect kitten Neo

"I might weigh 19 pounds but i'm not fat!"
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Thanks for the kitty picture fix!

Gotta love the kittens, so very very cute!!

And Neo...sigh, I just love handsome orange boys. They are so sweet and lovey!
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They are very cute!
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Val, you have this great way of getting your kitties to SMILE when you take their pictures!
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I love those EARS on Granet! They look huge!
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Okay, I'm officially cheating on my cats. I love all the handsome and gorgeous orange kitties on this site!

You know, my Mom once sent me a cartoon of Hagar the Horrible covered with cats and his wife is saying, "NO! Orange cats are not an endangered species!"

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I love Granet's big ears too! They remind me of Spike's when he was a baby... thank goodness he grew into them!
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I love kitty pictures!gorgeous, Mmmmm neo you cutie!
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thank you I love my little furbabies!! I'm going to go get a pic of ashton, I know alot of you guys love him. Today is his last day of being an full man he gets fixed tomorrow!
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There is just something about a kitten's face. So innocent and pure. Even though they can be complete chaos it only takes one sweet look and they're forgiven.

And Val, Neo is so ding dang handsome.
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i'm kinda scared of granet because he bit dh when he first found him I picked him up a couple of time though, and he is starting to warm up! Granet and marble are pretty friendly for being wild babies.
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So cute! The kittens are adorable, but I have such a soft spot for big orange tabby boys. I wish I had a beautiful matching pair, too!
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What gorgeous furbabies! I want both of them!!!!

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Neo isn't fat - it's all muscle!

Great pics of the babies!
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neo says thank you
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