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I honestly didn't realize that he had been proven to be a pedophile and convicted. I personally never believed he did anything sexual with those children and just presumed he was innocent but I did think the parents of those children were looking to get rich quick and using their kids to do so.
I testified at a trial when I was 13 years old, against a pedophile. Everyone knew he was. He was found innocent. In the eyes of the "law" he wasn't an abuser. In reality, he was - of many children over his lifetime.

A full-grown man (who knows what sex is) who takes young children to bed? Sure, he could be cuddling and snuggling but I say - baloney. He used his wealth and status to get what he wanted. If he were not who he is, how would he have fullfilled this innocent need for contact with children?

Be that as it is, I suppose we can all draw our own conclusions. Some will believe he is the portrait of innocence, others will believe he's a perv. Others will not know or care.

On topic, I wouldn't see him for any reason for any amount of money. He had so many opportunities and has chosen this path for himself. Makes him no different than Paris Hilton to me. Neither deserve sympathy.