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Nicknames You Give Your Cats

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Growing up, my Dad always called our cat, Teufel, "Dragon Breath."

We have nicknames for our current cats, too! Minka is almost always "Minka Spinka Pinka Poo." She frequently hurts my husband's feelings by rejecting his love and seeking mine instead, so he calls her (lovingly), "Little B***h." I know it sounds mean but he says it like his feelings are hurt, not like he's mad!

My niece calls Taxi, "Taxi Waxi Bo-Baxi" while her brother can't say Leo and instead calls him "Wee-Woe" (which has totally stuck).

When I was living at my parent's house with Minka and Leo, my Dad would frequently ask if we were having "Minka Stew" for dinner. So sometimes I call her Minka Stew.

I also have a song that I sing to Minka. It's terrible.
Hey little Minka
Said the little Minka
Minka, Minka, Minka, MINKA

She mews when I'm finished.
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Aw, the song is so cute.

Raven: Moody boy; Pimpwalker; Ravie-baby; Knock it off!; Way-bone-eeeee; Wu-vu.

Shadow: Shudsy; Shudsy-Pudgy; Futsy ('cause he's a bit plump); Shy boy; Shadsy; Shoo-poo.

That is a short list of the nicknames I have for them.
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Squeaky is Kitty!, the Squeakster, Grunty, Grunty McSqueakerton, Sprawl Kitty, Couch Cat, Sofa Sphinx, and Lap Lion.

One of my aquaintences has a cat named "kittybutt," and I've started to call Squeaky kittybutt as well
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Zane is Lumpcat and My Furry Hot Water Bottle and the Furry Mousetrap (except he's not doing his job, as there's a mouse in the kitchen he hasn't caught.)
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Squeaky Kitty Butt, wow!!!
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I call Niko 'Pink'. He's a big cat (not fat, but looooooooooong), and looks like a panther. Every time he walks around, I swear to god I hear the pink panther theme in the background.
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Mony: Mones, Moniqua, Bubbles, Bub

Penny: Pen, Pen-pen Face, Pennzoil, Penn Station, Penners

Siouxsie: Sue, Susan, Siouxsie-Sioux

And of course, they can all be called "baby" and "pretty girl".
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I have taken to calling spirit "babykitty" and tess is either "miss tess" or "mean kitty" (she has a habit of growling and hissing at spirit, even as she plays with her, and anyone who pets her at the wrong time)
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Gidget - we call her Gidgy, or Gidge Gidge
Sammie- we call her Sammers, Sam, loud mouth (she is very vocal)
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Bobo- robokitty, bobogator, roweena
Genna- rayray, gennarator, gorilla
Slinky- stinky pee, stinky poo, pinky, slinkamarinkydinkydinkslinkamarinkydo
Domino- boy, rommie, jeffery, romino, grunto, el grunto
Little Miss- diddle bug, deeter deeter little millimeter
and my husband always calls her by slinky's name or nicknames and they dont look any thing alike.
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These nicknames are cute!

Maggie: Mags, Maggie Mae, Maggie Moo and Baaad Kitty!
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Mia - "Stompy McStompersons", "Butt"
Bilo - "The B", "Fat-Body"
Reese- "Chicken Pot Pie", "Ree-ree" (and one name I can't list here)

And there's a stray cat I call "Thomas Xavier McMasterson III."

I also sing to the cats, and talk to them in a high voice. Anyone who doesn't have cats and visits my house thinks I'm absolutely insane.

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Kittybutt.. !

I just have a million variations of the same thing.

Billy: Silly/Sills/Siller Biller/Silly Billy, Will/Wills/Willer/Biller- you get the picture! And most of the time they have "mister" attached to the front.

Pumpkin: Punky/Punk/Punker/Punkles, Wunkey/Wunk/Wunker/Wunkles, Winky, Stinky.

Kitten: Bo Bitty, Little Kitty, Squeaker, Pooper, Fluff.

I call Shadow by her mood happy/stingy/etc., but I just realized I don't have any for Johnboy! Well, considering the above, he should probably feel lucky!
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Let's see...

Arlokk is Lokk (pronounced Lock) and Handsome Man

Aura is Aura ba D and Aura ba Dora

Scratchez is Scratchy Boy and Scratchy Poo

Jack is Jak Jak and Floppy Kitty

Bear is Boo Boo, Booey, Booey Bear and No No No Stop or No No No Get Down From There

Max is Maximus, Maximoose, and Moose even though he is tiny

Oh and I forgot they are all collectively called the Fuzbums!
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Bodhi - Tweeterbug / Tweeter, Baby-Bodhi, Bodhi Phillip (my dad's name is Phillip), Mister Bodhi ... Tweeterbug is the one I use most often.

Siddha - Doodlebug / Doodles, Siddha-kitty, Siddha Rae (my middle name is Rae) , Buttercup .... Doodlebug is the one I use most often for Siddha.

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i forgot 2 of Dominoes nick names one is Omelet the other is Diesel this cat has rippling muscles!!!
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We don't really have any nicknames for Nora, at least not yet. We just mostly call her Nora.

Gus was Gusser McFatty Butt. LMAO We also called him Fuzzy Britches b/c his butt was just so fuzzy. lol Another was just Gus-Gus, which we used to call him to us.
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I love all these nick names!

Sami - Miss Priss, Meesa, Sammer-Jammer, Jams, Ja-meesa
Spikey - Pooky, Pooh, Pooh-kisa, Baby Boy
Mickey - Mooky, Mickey the Mouth
Max - Maximum Overdrive, Max-in-a-million
Charlie - Cutest Cat in the World, Charlie-bear
Toby - Tobbers, Tobisa, Great Cat
Bailey - Sugar-baby (he's my diabetic), Bailey-boo, Bailey-bear, Sweetness
Jessie - Jessie-cat, Jess-jess, Jessers
JR - Doofus, Goofy (he's my thyroid cat)
Polly - Poppy, Poppytail (her Warrior name), Pa-pa, Poppers
Annie - Annie-pop, Little Face
Baby - Babygirl, Sweetgirl (she's my CRF cat)
Cassie - Pot Belly, Cassie-pear
Bobby - Bobbers, Bobcat
Katie - Katiecat, Kitcat
Aly - Aly Baba, Aly Kahn, Alycat

We never came up with a nick name for Little Girl or Tigger.
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Pixel - Pixelpie, Pixela, Sweet P, P, Peezer
Chip - Mr. Chips, Chipper, Chipotlé, Chipinski
Cable - Cablelicious, Cabey-Baby, Cabes
Java - Java Susan, Javasu
Firefox - 'Puter Bug, Poo
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Stumpy: Stumpy-lumps, Stumpers
Scarlett: Princess
Pinky: Pinkles, Mr. Pinks
Spanky: Spankums
Muddy: Buggles, Mud-bug, Mud-E
Koko: Koko-nut, Koko-beans, Beaner Girl, Beans
Oscar: Oscar-doodle-doo, Big O
Eightball: Goofball, or pick any name and he comes running
Bob: Bob-o, Bob-o-mattic, Bobby Socks
Lucky Pierre: Pierre

And the dogs:
Sam: Sama-rama-ding-dong, Sammie-kins
Spike: Spikums
Lola: Lola-beans
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Wow, this brings back memories. When I brought home my oldest cat, who died last year, I was over the moon because I hadn't had a pet in decades. So among other things, I called him almost every kind of "pie" there was, but particularly "my banana cream pie." And I would sing "What's New Pussycat" to him all the time. I would also sing him a nonsense version of "Love is a Many Splendored Thing," substituting his name for "Love".

For my two remaining cats, I do all kinds of variations on their names and sometimes just call them whatever nonsense word pops into my head. I actually found out that one of the variations on Sebastian's name I unwittingly used turned out to be a term for someone giving himself a bj or something!

Malcolm's song when he first arrived was "Consider Yourself at Home" from "Oliver." Sebastian doesn't have a song because he was so skittish the first year and a half so I'm always on the lookout for a song for him.

Hee, I feel a little nutty.
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Polecat, Rapolean, Poly, mowzer mowzer

Pausey-Wausey, Pause-Kitty, Fatty, lil kitten
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There are a bunch for each cat... especially since the boyfriend and roomate call them the most nonsense things... and as I am typing the roomie is making up some random song and singing it as we speak lol
but here goes...

Morgan~ morgs, mosey, posey, mo, moos, baby, scaredy cat, miss, pretty lady, momma kitty

Pooka~ pookie, pooks, pookis, pretty lady, thumbs, monkey, meanie

Thandor~ Thans, Mr. T, Mister, Thander(real country sounding), Moose, Thadius Gunter Thandor The Third (yes I am serious), Tee, Tee bo

Lili~ Lils, Lu, Lulu, Lubens, littles, pretty lady

There are so many more they kinda just happen, roll of the tongue depending if they're being good or mischevious
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Cammy, I call Cam Cam...I've also referred to her as a brat (lovingly) and also a slightly meaner b-word. (also lovingly though)
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thought of a couple more for Firefox
ittybittyprettykitty [she's the smallest]
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Sam: Sama-rama-ding-dong
I'm sorry, I really don't mean to laugh but that really cracked me up! I don't even know why but I laughed so hard I scared the cat!
That's really cute though...*giggle*
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I mostly just call them altered versions of their given names. Such as Church is called Churchie or sometimes Churchill and Sneakers is called Sneaky and Sneaks and sometimes Sneaker-deakers. Roxy is usually just called Roxy or sometimes Rorschach because that is part of her full name. I sometimes call her Pretty or Prettykitty.

I have more nicknames for some of my foster kittens like Mister Grey I call cuddlekitty because he is a cuddler and Spot I call Fatty and Fattycat and Chub-chub and Fatty Mc Fatkins LOL... Spot is a huge kitten, he weighed 8 pounds at 5 months and now he is about 12 pounds at 7-8 months old. He is a large cat in general but also chubby. Harlequin is usually called Harley.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Stumpy: Stumpy-lumps, Stumpers
Scarlett: Princess
Pinky: Pinkles, Mr. Pinks
Spanky: Spankums
Muddy: Buggles, Mud-bug, Mud-E
Koko: Koko-nut, Koko-beans, Beaner Girl, Beans
Oscar: Oscar-doodle-doo, Big O
Eightball: Goofball, or pick any name and he comes running
Bob: Bob-o, Bob-o-mattic, Bobby Socks
Lucky Pierre: Pierre

And the dogs:
Sam: Sama-rama-ding-dong, Sammie-kins
Spike: Spikums
Lola: Lola-beans
I've got a family friend who calls me Sama lama ding dong!

My kitties get SO many nicknames:

Elmo - Elmie, Bo-bo, Mo-mo, moomoo, palmsy, elmossidy J, elbow (my Nana coined that one), el-nee-nee

Sophie - Soph, Sophie-princess, Soesoe

Flutterby - Flutty, F-B-Y (Spell each letter out), FB, Flutz, Fla-nee-nee, Flea-flea, flutter, flutt-flutt, flutter nutter

Fluffy - Fwuffee, fluff, F-F-Y, fluffy-princess

I ALWAYS get Flutterby & Fluffy mixed up!

Tales - Tay-tay, TT (She's only 13 weeks and yet to find more nicknames for her! )
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I always love kitty nick-name threads, it's so fun to read everything we call our cats!

Flowerbelle is pretty much the only static name. She was "the little white kitty" from day one, before we named her, and it has stuck. So she's pretty much always "Whitey," or "little whitey," or, because she LOVES lying in the bathroom, or on top of the toilet when we shower, "toilet kitty," or "little whitey toilet." She doesn't answer to any of them because she's deaf. But she can hear certain frequencies, and a "CH-CH-CH" kind of noise made by sucking air between your cheek and teeth she can hear - so that's what she thinks her name is.

Shelly these days is either Smelly or Shelly Belly. I don't know why - he's thin.

Lazlo is back to Laz the Spaz. Or "#1 son" (our first kitty adopted).

Tuxedo hasn't ever had a nick name. Tuxie. Too proud.

Spooky is a million things. Pookie, Spookster, Pookster, Spoopy, Spoop-a-lopoulous, Spook-a-loopy, Sploopy, Sploppy, Spooky-the-plopster &etc.

Billy is Billy-so-silly or just Silly. or BeSilly. or Billster. He answers to all of them.

Ming Loy is so many things. Ming-doo-doo, Ming-doody, Ming-a-ling, little tubba wubba, Moojah (like from Mujahadein), Ming Doodle, Ming Doodle Bug, and so many I can't remember!

The funniest story, though, is Ming Loy's. She's handicapped, but she could climb, so a kiddie pen didn't keep her in. We had to put her in her own room at first. She'd sleep under a chest we had in there, so when we'd open the door, we'd call "Where's Ming Loy?" ...and she's scrinch her way out from under the chest and come running. When we first let her loose, we'd call her, "Ming Loy!" - and no response. Finally we called, "Where's Ming Loy?" and she came running! It took a couple of weeks to transition her from what she THOUGHT her name was "Where's Ming Loy?" to just plain old "Ming Loy."

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flash is my angel

and sooty is my lil man

thats the only nicknames i have for my two
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