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New pix of Tiki

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Can you tell she's got a major cat-attitude? I love her anyway!

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Very pretty kitty!
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She's so cute! She kinda' looks like the Fancy Feast cat!
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Attitude, what attitude?! She's just showing her natural superiority to us mere humans. After all, cats were once worshipped as gods, do you think they've forgotten?
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BTW, she's very pretty.
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Shell, I think Brenda's got something there, LOL!

She's gorgeous! ..and don't you mean you love her BECAUSE of her cattitude?

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Oh yes...definitely! She is one of a kind and she won my heart furever! I also think that SHE thinks she is the Goddess and I need to worship her! Shhh...don't tell her, but I do!
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What a beautiful lady!

I tell my kitties that "each and every one of you is the most beautiful kitty in all the world."
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She does look like the Fancy Feast Cat! Is it her??

She is adorable, Shell!
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What a face! And wow, she does look like that Fancy Feast cat....maybe Tiki has a second calling?
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Tiki has such pretty fur, it's so soft and fluffy looking!
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Tiki is so pretty! And I am sensing a bit of cattitude there. Definitely a little princess.
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She's very pretty and I have to third everyone in saying she looks like the Fancy Feast girl--maybe she could be an understudy? I hear they make good money!

That second photo is priceless--the whole catitude is apparent in it.
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She looks like the DINE cat, a male called Natasha , Gorgeous!
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Miss Tiki La Rue definitely has the Celebrity Stardom attitude! She'd be demanding fresh tuna and bottle water immediately!

Hmmm...maybe she's been sneaking out of the house with out me knowing it and making money on the side doing her acting stint. Dang...She coulda shared the wealth with me!
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She's such a pretty girl!
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Gee - I wonder who is in charge of your household! She is beautiful!
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