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100 degrees/Socs & Tiger upset & it's Uncle Chuck To The Rescue

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It's about 90 degrees here, but w/ the humidity it feels like a muggy 100. My friends and neigbors Bert and Ana who live in the same apt. complex as I and are mom & dad to my nephew Oreo and niece Cleopatra.

Well, last night their AC went dead and I was awakened this morning at 9:30 (after getting to sleep at 5:30am) by Ana coming in (she has a key to my place so that she can watch my kids when I'm out of town) and waking me, asking if Oreo and Cleo can come and stay with me til' the AC gets fixed, which may be a day or so.

So, Ana comes with their food/water bowls and litter box first. Well, Socs and Tiger are IMMEDIATELY perked up and standing around wide eyed (and BUSHY tailed) investigating this foriegn cat smell that has suddenly appeared in THEIR bedroom.

Then Oreo is brought over and taken directly to the bedroom and, in route, he and Socs have a few choice words for one another (which is really cute because they are BOTH tuxedos). Then It's Cleo, scratching moms back as she is, to her own protests, locked into the bedroom with Oreo.

Now, my kids are outside the door hissing and meowing and they are on the inside of the room hissing and meowing and EVERYONE is very upset at the moment.

Well, the next 24 hrs should be interesting to say the least.

I'm hoping that I can get a picture of the "bookends" together, though I doubt that will happen. So, right now, in my home I have:
(tux/tiger tabby/siamese/tux).

Any suggestions to make this 24 hrs go more smoothly?
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I really don't have any good ideas. I feel for you, though.

Maybe give all the kitties some catnip to get them blissed out? For you, , if you think it would help.
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oohhh...I don't envy you. I don't have any suggestions, just wanted to tell you that I don't envy you!
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Ah, the extreme joy of "sudden" cat-introductions!



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LOL...Of course they will regain the appreciation of being kings once they are gone.
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WOW!!! Let us know how it goes!!!!!
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Well, I left to go work out and when I arrived home, Oreo and Cleo were gone. I was so disappointed, because Cleo is in that inbetween kitten and cat stage and she was giving me some serious love this afternoon. Poor Oreo was pissed off at everyone and never came out from under the bed. I was hoping to sleep with Cleo tonight. She is so sweet and cute. Oh well, I guess Bert and Ana's AC got fixed. At least Socs and Tiger have THEIR bedroom back.
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Awwww, maybe you could ask them if you could "borrow" them for one night! They sound so cute!!!!!!!
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